BOOK REVIEW – “Knock and You Will See Me” by Andrew Cull

“Knock and You Will See Me” by Andrew Cull is-a-terror-book. What do I mean? You better have a light on when you read it.
A loving parent protecting her children from something she cannot even understand.
A ghostly story, taking the reader to shivers. While you hold this book, you check your back very often.
Cull’s writing is very easy to drown into. His words are soft and warm, you don’t even realize you’re letting the fear into your room.

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JUST RELEASED – “Beautiful. A Broken Little Tale” by Mar G.-Amorena

Well… today is a beautiful day, because my second book has been released
It’s all about the drawings, and the beautiful darkness inside every one of us.
I have made it with all my love and care, and I hope you like it, and it helps a bit to all those people who are different, special, insane, controversial, alone, beautiful, …perfect.
A little book. A little Broken Little Tale. As always …enjoy.


“WHAT’S IN A NAME?” by Toneye Eyenot



By Toneye Eyenot


“All you have to do is say his name. Just speak his name and He will come. Then, fiend… It will finally be over”.

“Rishhh…Rshh”. The blind man lay naked, prone and broken across the large wheel, positioned horizontally face down and bound with all manner of restraints. His broken left hand, manacled in a rusted iron fetter, dangled limply over the rim. The right; equally mangled, held fast with dirty copper wire. His fingers, swollen and purple from deprivation of blood flow had stiffened and now stretched helplessly toward some invisible salvation, as he unsuccessfully tried to give his torturer what he demanded. Read more ““WHAT’S IN A NAME?” by Toneye Eyenot”

JUST RELEASED! “The Afterwards” by N. Heinz





“I’d always known I was different, a loner, the pretty little weird girl. But not even my overactive imagination could’ve made this up…

When will the world end? We all wonder this at some point in our lives. For me, it was sooner than I expected. Now I’m in hiding with Markus Kelly, a man I just met, against an enemy that claims they were here first and we’re the trespassers.

My name is Ruby Wynn and according to some ancient prophecy I’m a dream’ar, not a dreamer, and my dreams have the power to unfold in waking reality. But the last thing I want is to close my eyes at night, and I’m dreadfully tired of hiding. I want to give up, but Markus won’t let me. I want my life back. I want my loved ones back, but fate wants me more, one last time.”

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DECEMBER’s BOOK OF THE MONTH · “PLEBS” by Jim Goforth · Beware, Extreme Terror



by Jim Goforth


BEWARE …Extreme Terror…

Corey Somerset, Tim Hayworth and Lee Hunter have had one hell of a good night.

And it isn’t over yet.

Celebrating their friend’s birthday with drunken debauchery and intoxicated antics they’ve just stumbled through a mini-wave of mindless vandalism and though they’ve wandered far out of the realms of civilization they are keen to keep the party vibe going.

When they encounter a band of mysterious fugitive women who call a bizarre encampment deep in the woods their residence it appears a strong likelihood that continuing the party is on the cards.

But it won’t come without a price. Read more “DECEMBER’s BOOK OF THE MONTH · “PLEBS” by Jim Goforth · Beware, Extreme Terror”