SUNDAY WICKED READS. Horror recommendation.

Can’t find something interesting to read? Leave it in our hands.

We have some Sunday’s wicked horror recommendations for you.


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In the blinding wake of FLASH OF DARKNESS, comes the next assault on your sensibilities by the twisted mind(s) of Toneye/Eyenot. PSYCHOTIC INTERLUDE is a harrowing romp through the nightmare worlds within this author’s deranged imagination. A collection of short stories which will disturb you greatly.

*Taken from the Foreword and straight from the korpse’s mouth…

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DARK FANTASY PROJECT – BOOK REVIEW by Kevin Holton “BROKEN: Stories of Damaged Psyches” by Weldon Burge


Psychiatric illness, psychotic breaks, and general mental mayhem have always been popular topics in horror and dark literature. From Frakenstein’s mad obsession with reanimating the dead, to Hamlet seeing his father’s ghost and consequently getting most of the people around him murdered, to recent stories like Paul Tremlbay’s A Head Full of Ghosts, readers love being able to get inside the damaged minds of a good, twisted character. Read more “DARK FANTASY PROJECT – BOOK REVIEW by Kevin Holton “BROKEN: Stories of Damaged Psyches” by Weldon Burge”

ESSEL PRATT. Horror Author, the King of Challenge.

Essel Pratt is a master of horror and fantasy, conjuring tales that haunt souls and inspire imagination.

The King of Challenge, Pratt wins this medal through his unexpected combination of horrific creatures, plots you would have never imagined and thoughts you can’t just, forget.

Come in… and get to know him and his world of abomination.

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