“A Vision” by Paul Zinder

She sits there under a full moon. The stars shoot bye. The moon is full and bright. She sits there and dreams. It is snowing. All the cold air and snow cant bring her down she sits there breath taking and beautiful against the whole world.

She sits there a quit angel of a lost world. She is the angel of imagination. She can say so much with those eyes. She says one million things what that look of hers, she does not have to say anything at all. You have to take her in doses. Every moment is overwhelming.

Too much electricity in the air its a force that many do not dare to reach… Its like trying to catch a shooting star. Its like chasing a rainbow in a thunderstorm. Still she sits, and quietly dreams , it keeps snowing and it’s all so overwhelming. Moments like these I just cant breath.

My heart I can’t even feel it beat. I know the prefect thing. Give her a dark frosted flower , and show her what beauty means. She is the snow princess of my dreams. Everything in every moment is a gift to me. What could I give, what could I offer to the girl that already has everything. I would hope that just me is enough.

For now Ill just dream and look at the cold winters dreams, I will on every star I see , maybe some day she will notice me.

I grew up In Detroit MI, I Have also been to over 20 states in The US, Windsor Canada, Nice place . I would say my Favorite States I have visited are Louisville Kentucky , and Colorado Springs Colorado. I also Lived in Korea for 6 years. I was in a lot of places, I was in Combat prefer not to say were. I have lived in The Philippines and Guam , that was after I got out of the army. The army gave me a unique perspective in life, and how great we really have it in life seeing a lot of poor places all over the world. There are some great places in the world also and I learned there are a lot of things America could takes notes for and catch up with. I will never understand why we do not have more speed Trains in America for example. I think it would be great for tourism for example here its safe , fun and easy to use.

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