The Bold Mom

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Who am I?
I’m a mom, a worker, a compulsive “thinker”.
I’m illustrator, a way out for my soul.
Columnist and guest author. Founder of The Bold Mom.
Author of illustrated books for children and adults.
I work for two publishers in Spain and three magazines in the USA.
My work dances around introspection, psychology and intimacy. A special insight to very special, lone and beautiful people with fierce minds.
My words are sincere, sharp and without any other pretension more  than light up a bit some dark paths.
I believe in raw thoughts, discipline and self-knowledge. Of your mind. Of your soul.
I’m always opened to new projects and feedback. So feel free to contact me for any comment or thought.

Thank you for being here, let’s find a light together.



Have a great time and I’ll love to know about your comments and thoughts.

If you feel like to know my work as illustrator, you can check out my online portfolio 🙂

Or get my new book for children “ESTRELLAS ¿DÓNDE ESTÁIS?” with watercolor illustrations by AmazonTHE BOLD MOM blog family fitness success business motivation book for children .jpg

Have a lovely day


Founder of The Bold Mom
Columnist and redactor
Book reviewer
Guest author
Author of Illustrated books for children and Introspection Books
Freelance illustrator, online portfolio Mar Watercolor