Blindfold your soul and follow through

Have you ever had the feeling you are being proved? that some obstacles are being dropped on your way just to push your senses to the limit and see you hold still?

Sometimes, your phantoms and panics appear in the middle of your thoughts just to remind you they’re still there. Dark red paddles soaking your nerves, warm, starting to burn and to melt your iron.

But you don’t drown in that trap. You are not willing to let go that painful rope wounding your hand. Because you’ve been there, you HAVE BEEN THERE and you know you can survive and just accumulate scars along the battle.

So do not fail, do not fall.

You are bold, you are strong. You have your inner beast and your outer protector.

“You will recognize her by the scars of a beast, and a deep peace in her eyes.”

Because freedom and redemption come along with surrender and rendition.

You cannot appreciate a hand in the dark when you have never lost your mind in the shadows.

Follow. Follow through. Do not leave the way. Feel your beast’ breath and blood beat and blindfold your soul. Trust, trust… and thank every scar.

Because of scars and wounds your soul is healed. And that accumulated fierceness, will pull you out of your own perdition.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

10 thoughts on “Blindfold your soul and follow through

  1. My favorite line, “You cannot appreciate a hand in the dark when you have never lost your mind in the shadows.”

    I would say that I don’t often think in the moment that the obstacles are there to push me to my limits. When that has happened, I’ve tried simply to survive or self-destruct. However, I often think afterwards, “Didn’t things end up better because of this? It really sucked, but in the end aren’t you glad it happened?” The answer has always been, “Yes.”

    1. I completely feel you. After all, I’m conscious all my struggles and scars make the the way I am, actually stronger and wiser. There’s a quote I love, because couldn’t be more accurate: “We, the hurt, are the most dangerous. Because we know we can survive.” Thank you so much for stopping and leaving some words, I appreciate it so much. Have an awesome day

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