From The Bold Mom we want to help independent authors to promote their books, so we offer:


  • Detailed Review (at least 500 words). Synopsis, analysis, personal opinion and recommendation. Done by the founder of The Bold Mom. (Check out the Review Policy to see details)
  • 5 shorter reviews from our Reviewer Team, on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Review shared on, Goodreads and any other place the authors want us to.
  • Review + cover (or any other promoting images the author gives) posted in The Bold Mom (pinned on the front page) for a week. (700 visits a week)
  • Contact the author + Social media info of the author shared + link to Amazon to buy the book
  • Shared in the monthly newsletter “Private Room” of The Bold Mom
  • Shared in “Book Reviews” of the site forever.
  • Shared 2 times a day for a month on: (all traffic is organic and real on this niche, not bought)

Facebook (5000 authors and readers + 600 followers on the page)

Twitter more than 8000 followers

Instagram 1300 followers (I set it up 4 days ago, so it will multiply fast)

  • The review and “contact the author” will be shared periodically on Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter endlessly, as all the articles on the site.
  • Periodically, we set up giveaways with the books of the authors interested in. (Optional)
  • Option of posting another article attached to the review, such as “origin of (the book)”, “behind the scenes” or a “to be continued”…

Price 25$ (unique payment) just to cover the time on setting up the promotion (a month)

As we do things very personally, please contact to and we’ll see the best way to promote your book. We’re not automatic robots, there’s a person behind your promotion, taking special care of it so we can offer you the best service.

Thank you