BOOK REVIEW “China” by Raymond C. Nelson

“China” by Raymond C. Nelson is a general sight of the history of China.
The author starts with a timeline of the Ancient China and its Imperial Dynasties, with an initial pre historic point. Then, we find the Xia and Shang Dynasties, the Western Zhou to the Qing Dynasty and the related end of the dynastic system.
The second chapter is a summary of the settling of Temujin, the battles with the Jin, and the life of Communism. The Five Years plan, the Revolution, the sinking of the inflation of the capitalism with the reforms of Deng Xiaoping. From there, its role on the global market and its influence.
The authors create an interesting insight about how China steps in Media and the growth of the industry. A whole chapter is dedicated to the language and medicine.
It couldn’t miss a religion and tourist sight. Afterward, a little explanation about the relationship with The United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States, to finish with a bit of geography, climate and celebrities from China, together with science and technology. The book closes with a personal conclusion of the author.
I like how the author structured the chapter, is clear and chronologically correct.
This book is a very good one. Very accurate and complete. I will definitely recommend it to everyone interested in history, Asia and China.

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