BOOK REVIEW “Conspiracies” by Alex Monaldo

“Conspiracies” by Alex Monaldo is a little tour through the big mysteries of secret people ruling the world.

From The New World Order and its theory of the End Time in the Holy Bible to the Freemasons to who they might be connected with, and its involvement on the foundation of the USA. Also the Illuminati, possibly responsible for the French Revolution, also called the Enlightened Ones, and they are accused to have something to do with the 9/11 or the murder of JF Kennedy, which the author dedicates a whole chapter.

How couldn’t we get to the confusing “Moon Landing”, which a group of people actually don’t believe, due to the movement of the flag and some wrong shadows on the image, among many other arguments.

In chapter four, the reader gets to the “Holocaust”. Some suspicious voices affirm it was a Jewish conspiracy. Then, we find “The Vatican” conspiracy, being the most popular one. Here, the author develops many examples. And, finally, the famous “Area 51”, with alien’s stories and spaceships.

Roswell and UFO’s, the Bermuda Triangle and the terrible 9/11. Afterward, we find a dissertation about vaccines, which I found very, very interesting. Finally, Monaldo steps in chemtrails and some war suspicious stories, and a final funny chapter about “Crazy Conspiracies”. A miscellaneous and a little conclusion, where the honesty of the author is a bit surprising.

“Conspiracy theories aim to make people question what popular media says is “the truth.” I hope that after reading about the most pertinent conspiracy theories, you are now more skeptical than and not as easy to fool as you were before.”

This book is easy to read, clear and quite impartial. The author is neat and the writing pleasurable to the eye. The structure is correct and well organized, with clear ideas and main points.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in mysteries, suspense, conspiracies and even thrillers.



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