“Brown Eyed Girl in Autumn” by Paul Zinder

“Brown Eyed Girl in Autumn” by Paul Zinder

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As she regales in the Moon light. The wind blows just right. A flicker of the right star light. The leaves blowing. The fall mist moving in. She is wonderful. A dream in a dark night.

She holds the air like nothing I have ever seen. She can dance in those stars like no one. She is the dark shadow of my darkest dreams. Those leaves falling, blowing in the night, it seems like it is all for her. Those lips deviant, her eyes full of passion guessing what I am already thinking.

Her gestures seem to lead me in. I only need to over come all those things, and move for it. Will the moon shine just right? Will the sun come up on time? Will all those magical things come together just in the nick of time? Only time will tell, and my dreams shall wonder till then. I will think of that girl, the Girl of Autumn.

So many factors have to come right, the last time I tried it rained all day, a last will ever happen for me, or any of us. Is love dead like the leaves at the end of Autumn? I hope not.

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