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Good morning <3 Some days ago I was asked to show more of my fast-motion drawing videos so here they are, anyways, this is my Youtube Channel My…

Drawing FastMotion Videos (About 30 sec each)

I hope you enjoy them. Have a lovely day.    

Demolished lovers. Drawings.

Broken dolls


Sketch online portfolio

You can check out my online portfolio I’ll love hearing your comments and thoughts 🙂 Have a lovely day!

"Estrellas ¿dónde estáis?" lovely book for children

“ESTRELLAS ¿DÓNDE ESTÁIS?” Ed. Círculo Rojo Para los más peques de la casa. Una bonita historia ilustrada en acuarela, Una pequeña, enamorada de las estrellas, quiere saber a…

May my drawings reach my freedom.

May my drawings live all I cannot. Keep safe my secrets, And find sweet peace in the dark.   They are free to cross the oceans, Crawl into…

New online store at The Bold Mom

I have been receiving lots of love for my drawings, so I decided to run a little store in this site   The Bold Mom STORE   I’ll…

Gift for you today: a little light in your darkness. Have a look

Good morning! Today is Saturday, and although I have a ton of work waiting for me, I want to stop for a second to thank you all for…

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