COMPULSION – Mental Health


COMPULSION is a section for mental health. A refuge, a roof for honest thoughts from our beautiful minds.

A little corner for all those are pure and sharp emotions, as delicate as the intimacy you pour on them.

If you are, also, a shy, introvert, compulsive, chaotic, sweet mind, needing a place to refuge, you are more than welcome.


“Why I will never be free of mistakes” by Only One More Thought

“Introverts are not test subjects” by Joseph Vasquez

“A quick note to my unconceived child” by Joseph vasquez

“To all beautiful special minds out there” by Mar Garcia-A.

“Beautiful Motivation” by Joseph Vasquez

“Smile” by Paul Zinder

“Alone…Enough Said” by Paul Zinder

“We tell her that she can fly, but we still clip her wings” by Joseph Vasquez

“A simply love story” by Joseph Vasquez

“Before you call her a slut” by Joseph Vasquez

“A month without Prozac” by Joseph Vasquez

“Inside an Introverted Mind” by Joseph Vasquez

Keys and tips to deal with “Mental Health” by Paul Zinder

“Blaming, accusing and rejecting are not the way to care about special minds”by Mar G.-Amorena

“My Story” by Edmund Kelly. Alcoholism and Redemption.