“The stereotypical country music song” by Joseph Vasquez


It seems like for the past few years my life has been like a stereotypical country music song; so much of my time and money has gone to my truck and my dogs (I don’t have anything against pure country, it’s one of the most sincere forms of music) My dogs are family, so I would do anything for them, and my truck is almost 13 years old, so there’s obviously going to be issues.

For several months, there was a problem with the door latch, it would close, but the system didn’t register it, so I would hear beeping, over time, the beeping increased, so much so that I often yelled out some choice words while driving that I’m not proud of.


I know a thing or two about cars, so I tried to fix it, the first few times were in vain because nothing ever lasted for more than a few days. I was at the point where I wanted to sell it just so I wouldn’t have to hear the beeping anymore.


One night, after a frustrating drive home, I took one more look at it, and I found that it was just one screw loose, on the part that I never checked. A few turns from an Allen wrench and the problem was solved.


What does this have to do with mental health? Everything! Sometimes the problem is obvious and other times it’s not. The key is to keep pushing forward until you find what works. There will be frustrations, there will be issues, but there’s always a way. You can’t give up on something just because there’s a problem, find the problem and fix it, and there’s no shame in seeking help to get it fixed.   

I live in beautiful, sunny Southern California, the longest I’ve gone without a dog is two weeks, and I’m going to write until I can’t anymore.

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