DARK FANTASY PROJECT Kerry Black – Book Review – “The Sleepless” by Nuzo Onoh

Wow! “The Sleepless” is graphic, haunting, and terrifying. Nuzo Onoh transported me to a place I wish never existed, a place that filled me with indignation, disgust, and a desire to avenge. This book is powerful and well-written.

Here’s the gist. An innocent child is taken to a Witch Doctor by someone he trusts. His sister Obele “hears” grisly truths that endanger her. She relies upon some new friends, giggling girls from a cursed house, but wonders who-or what- they are.

“The Sleepless” is set during the Biafran War, when a life could end in an instant from a bomb, or the death could linger. The evils in this story are many, including some very human characters and some other-worldly and supernatural terrors meant to haunt dreams.

Nuzo Onoh released this book in 2016 (I believe) and has a new novel “Dead Corpse” I’ll be diving into as soon as time allows. (Look for a review!) Her prose flows. She sweeps readers through a realm of indiscriminate and vengeful spirits, cinematic Witch Doctors, and deep-rooted superstitions. In case you doubt her writing chops, Nuzo’s successful short story and novel writing has earned her the title Queen of African Horror.

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Kerry E.B. Black lives along a fog-enshrouded river outside the land where George A. Romero’s Dead dawned. She dances with words to create some nightmarish stores that dip into the universality of fear. Some of the eclectic works of this First Reader for “Postcard Poems and Prose” have crept into anthologies, and she enjoys working with www.GamesOmniverse.com. Kerry is a mom of 5 delightful urchins and their menagerie.

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