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“Domain” by Mike Baron is a thriller, a horror plot around a character running away from his close past and ghosts, who finds himself in a spiral of darkness, obscure secrets and paranormal nightmares.

Kendall is an artist, drawing comics for an important company. He wants to move on from his situation and decide to make changes in his life. Which will, definitely, transform and shake like an earthquake.

A paranormal plot. Ghosts chasing our main character to the point of madness. I personally love the characters, who are very real and palpable. The protagonist evolves gradually, from a person who’s always in the clouds and doesn’t give much importance to things around him, to someone who traces paranoia and questions all his decisions and actions in life.

All secondary characters are an avalanche of people appearing in the artist’s life, creating an intricate net of memories, discoveries, research, terrible secrets and above all, murder.
Baron impregnates with mystery and palpitation every single scene. And the novel gets speed as the chapters fly. The more you read, the more drowned you get in the dark mud of this story.

The ending is completely unexpected and very well worked. The author leaves you satisfied with the resolution, but yet also that sweet frustration of wanting more, because this book starts with one thread, but opens the way to many other stories. The darker, the better.

This is a dark book. Very dark. Only for horror lovers, if you’re one of them, you will absolutely love this book. Chapters are not very long and quick to read. The writing is agile and fresh, mixing dialog and thoughts, which makes it much more pleasurable to the eye. Otherwise, the story is dense and the reader needs to understand carefully what’s happening, fact that will be much appreciated by lovers of suspense and even, why not, fantasy.

Descriptions are sensorial, accurate, but not boring or too long. Baron knows exactly how to get the reader into the scene without being exhausting, which makes you curious and expecting towards the entire thread.

I recommend this book to all readers who like mystery, dark plots, policy, paranormal and, of course, horror. Personally, I love horror and few times I get impressed by a thriller. This one got me stuck from the beginning to the end. My most sincere congratulations to the author.

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“Mike Baron is a fantastic thriller writer and takes readers into the very depth of the turmoil of characters.  It is an engaging read with each conversations twisting with surprises and the atmosphere is a purely devilish craft. What is unique about this book is that it has the classic tale of Hollywood culture bringing down wealth interwoven with a darkening past of Kendall allowing him to accept changes he has made for the better. What he doesn’t know that the house he lives in has many utter surprises for him. With each paragraph, there’s another tale and the mystery of the notorious killer is what keeps readers hooked till the end. The writing is bold, researched and every plot has ability to keeps readers entertained. It has funny dialogues which keeps each character’s spirits high and with very gripping twists that will make readers sit on the edge. The domain is one Mike Domains best books yet! A sincere congratulation to Mike Baron for delivering the ultimate adult horror that many readers will enjoy!”

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Karishma Krishna

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“If you have a Monday to Friday, nine to five job then I suggest you start Mike Baron’s “Domain” on a Friday after work and be sure to clear your weekend schedule because once you start reading you will not want to put it down .Domain is a fast paced roller coaster ride that combines a love story with a who done it wrapped in a supernatural thriller. A real page turner from beginning to end.”


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Wayne Pittuck



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Mike Baron is the author of Helmet Head, Whack Job, Biker and Skorpio, four mind blowing novels that will change the way you feel about horror fiction.

Mike Baron broke into comics with Nexus, his groundbreaking science fiction title co-created with illustrator Steve Rude. He has written for Creem, The Boston Globe, Isthmus, AARP Magazine, Oui, Madison, Fusion, Poudre Magazine, Argosy and many others. Nexus is currently being published in hardcover by Dark Horse. Baron has won two Eisners and an Inkpot for his work on Nexus, now being published in five languages including French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Baron’s other creations include The Badger (, Spyke, Feud, The Hook, and The Architect. The latter is available as a graphic novel from Big Head Press.

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