BOOK REVIEW – “Emma’s Army” book 4 of the series “Zombies Vs Robots” by Joe and Marisha Cautilli

This book is a different one. A very special sci-fi/cyberpunk story. This is the fourth of the series “Zombies Vs. Robots”, so the thread is already complex and with lots of information for the reader.

A great effort on robotics research (or knowledge) is obvious and it turns the plot into a web of controversial characters, emotions, technical concepts and delicate situations.
Survival, danger and panic move our characters, making the tension latent all along the book.

The Cautillis know how to make you smile very often, though. Humorous scenes are alternated with bloody, sharp ones, sewed with a fast, spine-chilling tone which will get you stuck to the book.

Another thing I loved from this book is that… it’s sad. It’s very realistic. Protagonists are far from being perfect superheroes, loved ones disappear, death awaits in every corner. You never know. And that, makes you feel closer to the story. You… “feel” a lot while reading.

I never reveal the plot in my reviews, because I absolutely don’t want to ruin it. Even more being the fourth book in a series.
Action, fights, robotics, cyberpunk, blood, horror and very dark minds show up in this book. I enjoyed it so much, and I’m certain, so will you.

'The Cautillis know how to make you smile very often, though. Humorous scenes are alternated with bloody, sharp ones, sewed with a fast, spine-chilling tone' ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS Click To Tweet


About the Authors

Joe and Marisha Cautilli


Joseph and Marisha Cautilli are probably the best father-daughter cyber punk-horror writers ever (maybe the only father-daughter combination). Joe Cautilli has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Temple University. He has two master’s degrees. The first is in Counseling Psychology, and the Second is in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has a doctorate in school psychology and a post-doctoral masters in clinical psychopharmacology.
He is licensed as a psychologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware. He is licensed as a counselor and a behavior specialist in Pennsylvania. He is certified in Head Injury Treatment, and in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has worked for twenty five years in mental health, including owning his own company, and in the prison system, working with inmates with mental health issues. Joe has written numerous articles in psychology as well as in both the horror and cyberpunk genera. The goal of good cyberpunk, as he sees it, is to pull science and technology out of the lab and put it altered into the everyday world. In the horror genre, he strives to create realistic images of the darkest elements of human nature.
When asked what his goals for a horror novel are, he states: “To leave the reader with a sense of paranoia and fear about the world. A good novel is one that the reader, to some degree, causes intrusive memories about the events in the novel later on, some sense of grief, or distress over character losses, and a feeling of jumpiness.” Marisha Cautilli is seven years old and in the fourth grade. Diagnosed as gifted, she is currently completing the fourth grade curriculum at Pa Cyber Charter. Marisha has many gifts and hobbies. In addition to the regular curriculum (language arts, math, science, and social studies), Marisha takes gifted classes in creative writing, crime scene science, and noir films.
She enjoys gymnastics, karate, and cartooning. She is an accomplished swimmer, archer, skier, guitarist, and keyboardist. She speaks both English and Polish. Marisha loves gaming on the Wii. Marisha’s primary joy in writing is historical fiction and fantasy, but has recently begun to take an interest in the cyberworld. When it comes to Cyberpunk, Marisha believes that the most important aspect of the plot is that people can believe they are part of the scene; they feel a sense of the character being trapped. She likes to develop the reader’s skepticism in what the characters are thinking and saying. She feels that the characters, thoughts, and feelings should be common enough for all to acknowledge.
She especially likes to focus on mundane parts of characters lives that are often overlooked, but give clues to the characters emotional state. When it comes to horror, Marisha enjoys writing graphic images and shocking scenes. She likes the images to be quick and concise, like video games. Both authors enjoy adding a sense of humor to the characters and the plot, as humor is often one way to cope with the horrific events that the characters are experiencing.

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