Feel, learn and move on! Don’t waste your time.

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Do you ever wake up and think “What’s the point today?” Because I do.

Even when you are focused on your work and fighting to reach a goal, or to challenge yourself, you have bad days too. Bad or… sad? Perhaps. You wake up just thinking “coffee please” and sit down next to the window with your hot cup in your hands, looking at the trees beyond the glass.

Today is Sunday, 10am here.

Do you also have a day like this? Well, let me tell you what works for me:

I put my headphones on, enjoy my coffee, and then stand up and decide to fight back any sadness beating in my veins. If I need to get rid of some bad vibe, I go running until I feel exhausted, then come back home, feeling good as new, and forget about any sadness.

Because “sadness” is a very dangerous, infectious and degenerative disease that infests you slowly. Stop it. Stop it now. Don’t let it take control. Do something. Be the owner of your mind. I thank God I have another day, another chance, a beating heart in my chest.

And hit the road.

Enjoy your Sunday, it’s not coming back, whether if you appreciate it, or not.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

6 thoughts on “Feel, learn and move on! Don’t waste your time.

  1. I actually have many ups and downs. . People that know me.. (Or think they do)..I would say they feel I’m never down or sad. But it hits me like a ton of bricks when I least expect it. I cover up with words. I talk a lot and would rather hear other people’s problems. But one thing I do not do.. is listen to music. And I’m going to try this. I have a lot of coffee. I write a lot to try and focus my energy. But music is something I just never tap into. I’m a podcast guy. And I think the attack against “my down” times.. I’m going to tap back into it.

    1. Hi John! It’s awesome that you can write to empty your mind. It shows you are introspective and able to analyze your feelings and emotions. That’s why people around you don’t realize you are down, right? Music is a tool, it’s so useful for me, because you calm your mind with something that’s not chaotic thoughts or sadness. If you’re not into music, I’ll be happy to tell you some tunes I like and specially have the power of cheering me up or giving me energy, if you want me to 🙂
      The only way to get out of sadness is to find the source and deal with it until you get rid of all the bad energy.
      I send you my best vibe, and if you need to share something or some extra energy, feel free to tell me. We’re all here for helping each other after all! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Deep, true and reflective words Mar. I have learned, through experience, that we have control of our Mindset. We will experience bad times and days in our lives, but we have to learn to recognise when they are happening and try things to deal with them. It is different for each of us. A brave and thought provoking post.

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