“For her” by Paul Zinder

What do you give the girl that has everything? I think I am onto something. As I learned from my 1950’s dad. You give her your time. You give her a card. You give her flowers at 4 am in the morning before she heads out to work and a massage when she gets home.

You leave letters everywhere, in the fridge, the bathroom, in her shoe if need be. Hide clever things in her purse like a bag of rose petals just to remind her she is alive and loved. Give her a big basket of candy and flowers in the middle of summer for no reason at all.

Let her take your breath away and take away hers. Massage her feet for no reason at all. Make sure she never has to walk in the rain. Spend time in the park, when no one is around and talk it out. Count the stars. Enjoy life with her and embrace the small things.

Remember your first date, then make that a anniversary. One week, month, year then so on, then the first place you eat try to remember it and take her there. See life through her eyes.

See life and enjoy it like it was the first time all over again. Stand on top of a high building with her and both of you make a wish. Take her to a beach and fill it with 1000 candles and put flowers on that beach of all sorts, and write her name in the sand.

Hugs and kisses are needed often. Be the best man you can be at all times. Stand tall for yourself and her through the deepest storms. Send all sails her way, and make the most of every day. Be the kind of man you know you can be. Be that hero, but be a good man above all. Write her poems, paint her a picture, because that’s better than anything you will ever buy her.

Put down that phone, that video game, who cares about that football game and go walk up that nature trail with her cause you never know when you will have time again. Be happy, and love, honor and respect. Realize when she is not happy no one is happy.

If you can’t afford a room of flowers take her to garden in the city, and remind her how special she is. See nature, see the world and ask her opinion on everything cause she likes giving advice. Never give up… Start the car for her at 7 am when there is a foot of snow on the ground so she can get in the car an hour later and it’s nice and warm. Its the simple things that matter.

Believe in love and the magic of those stars cause you will look up to those stars and need them, the funny thing about the stars is they are always there and will guide you if you let them. Dream and show her, her dreams can come true, and help make her dreams come true above all else.

I grew up In Detroit MI, I Have also been to over 20 states in The US, Windsor Canada, Nice place . I would say my Favorite States I have visited are Louisville Kentucky , and Colorado Springs Colorado. I also Lived in Korea for 6 years. I was in a lot of places, I was in Combat prefer not to say were. I have lived in The Philippines and Guam , that was after I got out of the army. The army gave me a unique perspective in life, and how great we really have it in life seeing a lot of poor places all over the world. There are some great places in the world also and I learned there are a lot of things America could takes notes for and catch up with. I will never understand why we do not have more speed Trains in America for example. I think it would be great for tourism for example here its safe , fun and easy to use.

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