“FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 2. Altered Beasts” – The Interview. Part 1


“Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts” is a horror anthology where bloody, furious and unleashed were-beasts take the protagonist role (perhaps… the wolf is not the only animal you should be scared of…).

Disturbing stories come from disturbed minds… so we needed… more.

Today we have some of the awesome authors joining this anthology, to show their honest thoughts. An amazing chance for the reader to see the truth behind the scenes.

We are going to publish this interview in many parts, so we can focus on offering the reader the closest whisper to this inappropriate, throbbing, occult, breathtaking material. 


Who are the minds behind this dark, terrifying stage?

“FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 2. The Interview. Part 1.”


1.Summarize your story in the anthology in… let’s make it fun, ten words!


Lemmy Rushmore

Author of “My Mr. Hyde” & “A Magnificent Beast”


The hell of being a prisoner to your own body.

Boom. I love it, the idea of self-captivity can hunt many readers. In one way or another, we all have ghosts and inner fights which condition our lives.

That idea came from the poem I did called A Magnificent Beast. It’s the idea of being caged up within yourself and only being let loose when the moon allows it.


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Josh Davis. Author of “Adapting to Changes”.

A fucked up story about the backfire of attempting revenge.

“Revenge” always comes along with fury and desperation. 

“Revenge” is an act that in some situations can be justifiable. In the case of my story though, the revenge is more due to the change inside Mitch. Meaning the old Mitch would not have let it consume him as he did. Revenge is an ugly act, that can bring joy to those that want to balance out the savagery.

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Essel Pratt. Author of “Thorny Micturate”.

Pissing blood onto scurrying ants, creating a new race of lycans.

Insects are disgusting enough themselves, I don’t even want to think about your lycans LOL I guess it adds anguish and anxiety to the already disturbing story, doesn’t it? More than a huge beast, insects are absolutely uncontrollable.

I’m thinking of taking the story and making it into a much larger piece. Maybe a novella 🙂

If you made a novella about that, I would be scratching myself for a week lol ants arghhh

I take that as a challenge.

I have the feeling I just created a monster.


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Roy C. Booth. Author of “Death Under The Gas Lights”


(Grrrr.) Victorian Age background literary criminals meet top villain of same.

The Victorian Age seems a perfect scenario for a horror story, because of all the superstition and dark stories surrounding it. It looks like an amazing source of terror material. Do you usually work with this background?

Actually, that story was originally published as a one-act stage play and I wrote it for the immediate audience scare factor.
Yes, I’ve delved into the Victorian Age a bit over the years — ask Toneye about my “Sabine Baring-Gould and the Werewolf” sometime. The direct result: Along with an AA, I have a BA in English’Speech-Theatre and an MA in English. Still milking my money’s worth.

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Dona Fox. Author of “The Recalcitrant Parts of Me”


A human chameleon stalks a shifter gang on a killing rampage.

OK. Chameleon. Tell me more, please. You made me think of X-Men.

Cassie, in this story The Recalcitrant Parts of Me, becomes (shifts into) whatever living being she touches much like small chameleons change their color to hide on leaves. As a child, she’s taken into a travelling show and held captive in a cage and forced to touch and turn for the customers who bring the atrocities born on their farms …
Yes… your story is very sad (I’m the one who cried when they killed Godzilla). But it also makes it different, I think we can notice “Fox’s touch” just reading you.
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Jim Goforth. Author of “Lycanthroship”

Ocean liner riddled with werewolves. Mayhem ensues. Survival rates minimal.

Normally, just one werewolf is already a catastrophe. So, an invasion? I can see you with your blank screen, thinking about the story you’re about to write like… “Hold my beer.” Your stories in anthologies are always the extreme brush-stroke the reader needs to feel “shaken”.

Haha! Yeah, usually I just sit down with the seeds of an idea and go from there 😀

I can picture it. It’s like “this idea is quite creepy. Let’s multiply it per 10000000” haha

Haha yep, something like that 😉


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Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason AKA Sisters of Slaughter. Authors of the Forehowl – “The Beast Inside”!

We got the joy of introducing this collection of awesomeness!

I bet!! It’s difficult to think about summarizing or embracing so many different authors and stories in an introduction for the reader. I loved yours because it’s like “Werewolves! Enjoy!!” which is the only objective of “terror beasts”. Your word is the first you read, maybe even, what might make you take or leave the book? How do you face that challenge?

It was pretty daunting when we thought about it hahaha. We just knew we needed to capture the many different ways shapeshifting has affected mankind, to show its importance and impact on the world. Also, we wanted people to know FMS2 is filled with such a variety of beasts it is sure to please a wide array of readers. 🙂 

That’s for sure. Quick’s deer, Leney’s tiger and Pratt’s ants will have us awake for a while LOL

Yes! Haha!

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John Quick. Author of “First Time Out”.  

I can do it in two: “were-deer”. Technically a deer that’s a were-human, but still…

“Were-deer”… I love it, adorable animals are the creepiest when they go psycho in stories. Bunnies, seahorses… why not? 

Exactly. Only I figured I’d keep the deer innocent and make man the monsters.

I love it.

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Jason Morton. Author of “Hungry Nights”, “Midnight Eyes”, “Rise of the Lunatic”, “Beware the Huntress Moon” and “I am Beast, I am Man”.

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Weird, demented, twisted poetry coming from a gifted depraved mind.

You are a little shiny different author people will especially notice when they have the book in their hands

Yep. I just write what comes out in poetry form, just not a fan of writing short stories anymore. I just like to be different and want others to see me as a unique poet.

They will. It’s very special.

I’m basically influenced by music and European mythology.
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Scott Rineheart. Author of “James”


James is a skinwalker Indian Affairs agent hunting another skinwalker.

I found your story different among the others, because it’s something that could fit into “crime” perhaps? In general, books or stories about “were-beasts” focus on the main need of killing and destroying of the creatures, but yours takes another point of view, where their skills might be essential and they only want to “live their lives”, am I right? I enjoyed your story because of this, and I think the readers will see it too.

Yes. Werewolves, vampires, mummies, and even zombies still have something human left to them. For zombies, they may only have basic ambulatory skills and hunger, but the others would still recognize the presence of their humanity whether they want it there or not. Some will naturally give themselves over to the “beast” while others may struggle to maintain their humanity. With werewolves living a double life, what do they do when they aren’t the wolf? And for some, it makes sense that they would use their “gifts” to serve themselves, or in the case of James other people.

I agree, and it’s also another way of facing this genre, getting out of the “typical” tendency and making it more special. Catching the attention of a different audience too, right?

Exactly. Hopefully, it does just that. Instead of men turned into slavering beast with uncontrollable predator instincts, why can’t they use those instincts and abilities tempered with the cunning of the wolf? Why can’t a werewolf or a skinwalker be a superhero of sorts?
Amen to that. Even more, because the reader is prone to love the beasts more than the human victims so, why not??
*thumbs up*

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Matthew Cash. Author of “SNOUT”.

Matty-Bob gets bitten by an aardvark with therianthropic abilities. 

Alright. We have a tiger, ants, a deer, skinwalkers. And you appear to hit the ring: aardvark. Tell me something more, please.

What do you want to know? 

How do you get there?

The story was completely improvised 😀 
I just like aardvarks too.
Ha! Muses are capricious! 

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Kerry Black. Author of “Bodark” and “First Feet”.

Gingers can steal more than your soul in “First Feet.”

I loved your little passionate, revenge, love story so much, because I don’t know who I feel sorrier for. I think it is a perfect final chapter for a book, isn’t it? You finish like “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwm…” LOL

You are too kind! I’m so glad you liked the story 🙂

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Sandra Rozanski “Sandy”. Author of “Savage Amusement”.

Teen realizes her powers, fears, then comes to love it. 

It sounds to me like a self-discovering journey. Does your story have a personal background? I’m #1 introverted, so I understand. Maybe a way out?

My parents were the same I always had and I grew up the youngest of 7, 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I was spoiled rotten. I drew some of the sibling stuff from life but we all were pretty good people, no jails. lol

I had no idea where the story was going, never really do, so I was as surprised as anyone.

Perhaps the best stories are the ones you lose control over, just like drawings.

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John P. Collins. Author of “All Animals, Great and Small”

The Hillside Stranglers pick the wrong victim.

I loved your story, but I loved more the general feeling it leaves in you when you finish reading it. You could even forget about the story itself and still keep a smile on your face. That feeling of losing complete control of your life, only because you’re taking it the wrong way, until you finally see “what you are here for”

Thanks, that was definitely part of it, an acceptance of who and what you are. The “wolves” know exactly what they are, my heroine was still fighting what she is. I didn’t intend, at first to write an empowerment story, it just flowed that way.

Being around so many strong women has given me a completely different viewpoint of the world and some of the things I’ve never had to deal with.
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Mark Leney. Author of “Man Eater”

British Red Coats vs a Weretiger in Colonial India!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE tigers. And, India? I’m very curious about that. What came first to your mind, India? or the tiger element? The tiger itself is incredibly powerful, becoming “were”, it’s like, “OK I won’t even run” lol

It came from an idea I had of pitting British red coat soldiers of that era against an unstoppable supernatural force. I knew they’d been based in India at some point and a weretiger seemed like the perfect choice of monster to set them up against. I’m against colonialism in a big way so the weretiger had to be the ‘hero’ of the piece.
It is an amazing choice! I love it 🙂
I actually returned to the idea again with a Doctor Who fan fic that I wrote just for fun where I pitted some Napoleonic French soldiers against zombies.
I need to read that. Also, I loved this quote:

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” Robinson hissed under his breath and that was when his bladder gave up the ghost and he felt the warm trickle of piss spread across his britches, course down his left leg and into his boot. A figure, clad in bloodied rags, stumbled out of the jungle. Not a tiger, but a man.” I loved this quote so much, together with the “Is it so difficult to kill a tiger?” because I personally like “that” moment when regular people in the story realize “something” is wrong, very wrong. As a reader, I look forward to it LOL

I think it was pretty obvious and anyone that picks up a book called “Full Moon Slaughter” is bound to know that some heavy Shit is gonna go down pretty soon. I tried to drop some subtle hints of that…. at least I hope they were subtle. Lol

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James Longmore. Author of “The Werewolf’s Surrogate”

Incredibly erotic horror romp with the added frisson of werewolves.

Well, I guess basic instincts arise in a were-beast, so it must be an amazing chance to get into eroticism or gore. What you say reminds me of Hulk, who cannot have sex because he transforms haha such a curse! Could you tell me a bit more about the idea of including eroticism in a werewolf story, I think it turns the perspective of the typical “legend” into an interesting focus on the basic instincts. I think people will find your story different and fresh, because it’s absolutely not what you expect to find when you grab the book.

There’s just something about werewolves that conjures the erotic, more so in my mind than any other horror trope; vampires are dead, as are zombies and ghosts, and demons have never been human, so lord only knows what’s going on there.

Nope, there’s just something so incredibly sensual about the transformation from an ordinary, everyday human into a powerful, snarling, primal beast that resonates with everyone on at the very least a subconscious, primitive level.

So, the decision to write a werewolf horror sort so deliciously interlaced with eroticism was an easy one. What was difficult, however, was to give my favorite horror subject a unique – not as easy as one would think, werewolves have been done to death – storyline that was both sinister and sensual.

Of course, one treads the finest of fine lines with werewolf erotica, since it is pretty much borderline bestiality, so this story is also a voyage of discovery as to just how close to that line a story can take without overstepping the boundaries of good taste.

My story takes our young, unlucky in love heroine on an incredible journey that begins with her selection to be a surrogate for a mysterious, wealthy businessman – and as her sensual adventure unfolds, her awakening takes a most unexpected route, as she embraces the ultimate in werewolf fantasies.

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Kevin Candela. Author of “A Different Breed”.

Weekend fling with naturalist turns out to be quite unnatural.

A reverse werewolf! I love three things (especially) about your story. Your rare werewolf, who transforms into human, the unusual story about the girl “finding out” who he is and the moon. The moon is everywhere in your text, and I love that because I’m a very ‘moon’ person. 

Excellent! I’m actually a sun guy, apparently. Sagittarius thing. But the moon is so absolutely NOT a part of everything else around us to me that it holds a powerful appeal. Without that impossibly round thing out there doing its gravity work, there’s no life on this world. 
Glad you liked it. Not my typical story, but I don’t know that I HAVE a typical story at this point.
Well, getting out of what you normally write, makes it more interesting, maybe? It must be difficult tho, because to me it’s hard to draw things I’m not used to.
Yeah, it really does make it a lot more fun. It helped a LOT that I got my “statement” out of the way with the Dragon’s Game Trilogy first. Since then I just do whatever comes to me and seems like fun; that is, unless Toneye or Roma or someone asks me to be in on a themed antho.

Yes! it amazes me how you can do that, I’m happy enough I can write my name haha

Hey, the thing about artists is that we’re all blown away by each other’s talents, particularly the ones that we don’t share. Seems like it, anyway. I’m impressed by visual artists.


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John T. M. Herres. Author of “Indigo Matters”

A snake bite is all it took.

I can tell we find any kind of “were-beast” in this book. And yours, a snake! I think what I liked more about your story was the mix of dreams and reality, what I guess it’s a way of seeing a transformation in those creatures, also. I mean, the classic werewolf doesn’t even know what’s happening to him or remembers anything, which is very similar to dreaming. In your case, a snake is especially scary itself. That kind of “mental image” you don’t forget once you close a book.

That means you liked it then? 😛
Of course!! 🙂
I did want to create something different. Didn’t know where it would go, as with most of my writing, just let it take its course. I kind of liked how it transferred to another person.
You sure did, maybe letting go your “muse” is how you get unexpected stories 🙂

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And, leading the pack… 

Toneye Eyenot

Creator, compiler and editor of Full Moon Slaughter & Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts


Here we are …with the leader of the pack.

You put together many special stories in this anthology and most of them are very (very) particular. In fact, the reader has no idea what they’re going to find, either in content or format. 

I would love to know your thoughts about the unusual nature of those stories and how they turn the average “Were” tale into a very unconventional piece. Also, they mention you as an essential motivation to jump into “wolves”, which makes you responsible for the reader’s nightmares as well as for future disturbing creations born from this project, you know that 😀

Toneye. Eye did! Hahaha 😀 But without these very special and very particular stories, written by this particular collection of especially talented and in many cases, deranged authors, we wouldn’t have created something the calibre of this beast. Eye truly feel it is a most worthy follow up to the wildly successful Full Moon Slaughter.

The reader will be surprised to say the least. If they have read the first FMS (strictly tales of Werewolves and Lycanthropy), they would see the very similar cover and maybe assume they were in for another Werewolf feast. This time though, eye wanted to do something different. Not just another Werewolf collection, this time eye wanted to explore the vast realm of Therianthropy, which is the ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals (not just wolves) by means of shapeshifting.

There are Werewolf stories in here, but they are interspersed with many wildly imaginative ‘Werebeasts’ – snakes, deer, octopus, aardvark…we have ’em all in here hahaha. The reader will be surprised, shocked, horrified, sickened, amused…a real rollercoaster of emotions await.




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