BOOK REVIEW Fun with Languages by Monica Di Santi

Fun with Languages. Tips and Tricks to Master Foreign Languages Easily by Monica di Santi is a little guide to encourage all those who are interested in learning a foreign language but they can’t find the sources, time or money.

The book starts with an introduction about motivation and empowerment “Motivation pushes you forward, but only routine keeps you going.” She mentions the importance of routine and habits beyond setting your goals.

“creating a new habit takes about 20 days of conscious effort but losing it takes only 2 or 3 days”

I found interesting the fact that she stops at the idea of “neurological patterns” to explain how our mind keeps the information and processes it. We need more than setting goals to reach our objective. We need effort and love for what we’re working on.

The book is humorous and in an agile tone “Laughter is a psychological response to humor that brings you physical and mental benefits.”

Di Santi’s bull’s eye is to create a kind of romance between the reader and the target language, inciting us to get some poetry, music, lyrics… linking positive emotions to our horizon.

From that point on, she shares a list of positives about speaking many languages, from improving your self-steem, getting a better job or mental stimulation. “Researchers have shown that children with language difficulties develop aggressive behavior, a way to express their frustration and isolation.”

She gives advice about some resources to practice your skills, like joining forums, social media groups, creating relations with other foreign people, encouraging to ask your friends to be part of the process and doing activities together which help you all grow in your target. Also getting video games, listening to audiobooks or watching video clips.

The last part of the book is a little insight about traveling, giving advice to save money, tips about booking, choosing and behaving abroad. Mentions the idea of staying at some family’s home, she appeals to create adventure and enjoy life.

This book is energetic, quick and direct. Di Santi is a very positive writer, incise and encouraging. Learning a new language takes perseverance, patience and ambition.

I recommend this book to all those who don’t know where to start from when they want to dive in a new knowledge, even beyond what the subject is. A fresh and constructive little introduction to make the most of yourself and not giving up on feeding off your mind.

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