Give up control. Reach out peace.

Give up control. Reach out peace.

There are a lot of shades taking you apart from your real happiness and satisfaction. But let me tell you something. They all come from you.

Your deepest monsters attack you in the back when you expect it the less, to make you blind and make you shake until you lose your way. Again… and so on and so forth.

That’s why is so important who you choose to walk by. To live with. To die for.

When you cry on the bathroom floor because your mind is not listening to you anymore. You are your worst punishment. Sometimes, it’s not you who are an error. A chaos fallen from a galaxy.

No dear… you are a sharp knife. A beautiful hurricane. An avalanche. A beast.

“Most want a beast until it’s time to be at the height of them.” To handle them…

You are a little beast, scared and trembling because you are out of place. Beautiful, sweet, kind, but deeply fierce.

When you find that hand, warm and strong that takes yours without even asking, and pulls you up, grabs your waist and whispers in your throat. “I see you. We are the same. You’re not falling again.” And you have no choice. And in that forced shelter you find the peace and warmth you cannot find anywhere else.

That’s how the exchange puts down its roots on your arteries. That’s how you lose control, and gain Heaven.


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