If you want fierceness, what are you willing to offer?

Good morning everyone, I don’t like to write long texts, because I prefer less, and intense, but today I need to talk about something, since I receive comments and messages that make me think about this:


You will receive just as much as you are willing to give.


You receive what you give, and many people can’t understand this.

If you want people to be kind at you, be sweet to everybody.

If you want to be taken as a serious person, be coherent in everything you do.

It seems logical right? Then how many people do you know who demands a mountain and gives back sand?


It’s the same with love.

If you want a gentleman, you must start being an elegant lady (inner elegance, I’m not talking about fashion), if you want a queen in your life, you better be a good king.

Sometimes, you hear people aching for a warm, strong, fierce love in a relationship, right? When someone tells me so, I always ask the same question:

“what are you willing to give back? How much effort, with how much sacrifice and discipline are you going to play the game?”

Because intensity, passion, devotion and loyalty are not free. They are very precious jewels, difficult to find, hard work to keep, and harrowing to lose.

When you don’t find in life what you are always looking for, many times is due to not making the proper changes in yours, in you, in your soul. Before start looking for someone, look at you, know yourself, write down as necessary:

Who you are

How do you feel

What do you want

What’s making you shake?

What are your obsessions? Needs? Wants?

What do you crave for?

Have you ever asked yourself all of this? Do it, take your time, be true, real, no matter what the responses are. Maybe you discover a side you didn’t know. Perhaps, you start understanding why you don’t get to be fulfilled and satisfied.

Close your eyes, imagine yourself with a perfect match. How are they? What are they doing? How are they treating you? How much are they making you tremble?

When you dive in the deepest and darkest cave in your mind, and find out the answers, then observe yourself and start making the most of you to be able to find, cherish and keep what you need

How are you looking for a soulmate if you don’t even know exactly what you are looking for? I have a theory, and is that when you really know yourself, you develop a kind of radar and feeling which tells you when someone accomplish your demands, desires and hunger in a person.

The main problem is that we don’t use to stop to know ourselves first, and we jump to the sea expecting to find gold without even thinking about it first.

Do you want respect? Have discipline.

Do you want loyalty? Be worth keeping.

Do you want fierceness? Throw your prejudices away, be opened.

Do you want a Beast? Be a proper Beauty


And expect the same back. Love yourself first. No self-doubt. No self-complaining. No self-harming. You are beautiful, you are able to polish yourself, you are strong, clever, capable. Do not let anybody bring you down or destroy your self-steem.

You · are · perfect.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

10 thoughts on “If you want fierceness, what are you willing to offer?

  1. An excellent and heartfelt post Mar. From my experience once you find your true self you will attract people with the same karma and energy. It can be a long battle but sometimes you just have to let the negatives go.

  2. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! You may not look beautiful in the face of one, while you are beautiful in the face of another. Hence, inner beauty is the best; it is better than outward beauty (I am not saying you should not adorn yourself to look beautiful), but outward beauty without inner one is emptiness. Self esteem is the word! But mind you I think a lady should go for the man that loves her not the one she loves. This write-up informs and educates. Keep it up!

    1. I completely agree with what you say about self-steem, and I think whether man or woman must find their soulmate, so they can love each other equally 😉 this is just a little insight to encourage self-knowledge 🙂

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