Guiding your Child. Not a Superhero, Just Love.

[…]“Don’t worry mommy, never mind, accidents happen.” And I thought “Oh my God”. What a huge impact all I do and say falls on her! The good one and the bad, of course. Do I have her character or personality in my hands? So scary thought! And if I do wrong? And if I fail? And if and if and if…? STOP MAR, control that compulsive mind. Thank you.

Any parent can relate? I bet. The answer is “NO”. And yes. And no. Let me explain. They are owners of their fears, defects, virtues, strength, personality and emotions. They are hungry sponges, not a piece of mud. They are obsessive observant mimes while they are busy building their own little minds and thoughts.

So, you can see yourself like a[…]

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Guiding your Child. Not a Superhero, Just Love.

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  1. Being a father is nothing that I could of ever known
    On me I decided,I’ve learned more
    Loved more
    And has nothing short of
    adding to the person
    I am,I love everything
    I have been given
    As Sheldon Always

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