How to love yourself and let others love you

How to love yourself and let others love you

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People around you makes the difference in your life. Obvious, right? Not at all.

I know what to be a lonely wolf feels like. You need others. Not only to learn and share. I read loads of articles about your circle and so… but today I’m not talking about that.

My effort, success, goals, results… are not only my merit. The love and support you receive from the person you choose next to you is essential. Whether partner, friend,…

It’s very important that you feel LOVED. Anyone who feels appreciated will do much more and better than never expected.

Love yourself. Learn how to. Push yourself harder but never in a harming way. Because LOVE is the force that makes the world move. And the source is your own soul.

Being demanding and strict with your own work and results, to have discipline, has nothing to do with blame and torture yourself.

If you want to change the world, start loving. And the very first step, is to appreciate and love yourself. With all your defects, failures and awesome mistakes along your life.

Love yourself, and let others love you.


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