What is The Bold Mom and how to join the family!

On The Bold Mom, we want to support our authors and pour horror all over the place. That simple.

If you have great horror material, you have many ways of joining the family!

Let me introduce to you our Horror Book Club

where authors get lots of exposure and a free ad, and our readers get fresh, terrific new material, every WEEK! How does it work? If you’re a terror author, check out the pinned post of our Facebook page
it’s veeeeery easy! All featured authors in the Club will be shared with the Private Room monthly newsletter, so they get straight to our amazing loyal readers.


Besides, every month we choose the BOOK OF THE MONTH, which happens to be the one with more engagement of all the books on the site – you can find all of them here.
The chosen one will have a special spot on the sidebar with their link to Amazon.



On the other hand, we run lots of contests and giveaways, like our epic October Terror (short horror story contest).

Beyond that, we’re intense promoters of horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy and crime fiction. We have a long list of terrific services, from ads, mock up’s, interviews, boosting in social media, getting a spot on the site, a professional book review, and many others! Our Pack Month is valued at 500USD, but we offer it at 250USD, so its affordable to everyone. You can check out our ads for only 20USD, or a HUGE GRAPHIC PACK for just 100USD.



But wait, there’s a lot more.

There’s always one more level of darkness.

We are looking for DARK fantasy bloggers for our new project.

If you:

Have a dark fantasy / horror / sci-fi blog

Review books / short stories / poetry

Want to join our party…


Reach out



The Bold Mom is, also, a shelter for a team of Beautiful Minds. Our official authors fill two sections of the site:

Don’t miss COMPULSION. A place to let go your deepest thoughts and express your feelings about mental health.


And, our DARK POETRY corner

And, who are our authors? Ah… terrific, sharp, mad, beautiful people. Check them out.


Do you have something to say and would like to join the team? Please contact us!

And, don’t forget. If you’re also a horror page or site and want to collaborate with us, please reach out!! We run lots of collaborations with amazing people.


You can send us an email through this form. Mar, head of TBM will attend everyone who reaches out to us. This is a place for introverted, different, disturbed, special, dark, cold, mad, sick… beautiful minds.


Or right to her email address theboldmom@gmail.com

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