DARK FANTASY PROJECT Kevin Holton – Book review- “Ritualistic Human Sacrifice” by C. V. Hunt

You might look at a book titled Ritualistic Human Sacrifice and get a pretty good idea as to what it’s about without needing to open the cover. You might also look at the cover design–a pentagram featuring a coat hanger, and a border of fetuses–and confirm those initial suspicions.

The great thing about this novel by C. V. Hunt is that you can, in fact, judge the book by its cover. The minimalist yet still highly effective design mirrors how Hunt can ascribe incredible detail to even the simplest, most mundane details, from how a person chews food to whether or not one washes their tennis shoes.

This title follows the life of Nick Graves, the protagonist and 1st-person narrator, who harbors utter contempt for his wife. Between his escalating obsessive-compulsive tendencies and her general disengagement from life, he’s looking to divorce her, pursuing happiness elsewhere.

Then, she gets pregnant–intentionally, without informing him.

Nick, being a self-described stubborn man with more than enough money, decides to make a life-changing decision of his own, buying a house in a strange town nearby, despite the odd markings on the doorways, and creeping suspicion that something is very, very wrong…

Ritualistic Human Sacrifice is published by Grindhouse Press, which has no limits on content, so if you pick this up, be prepared for intense swearing, emotional abuse, and graphic descriptions of both violence and sexuality (not necessarily at the same time). The beauty of Hunt’s writing is that she can describe even the most vicious atrocities with elegance and eloquence, rendering a book as entrancing as it is horrifying. Readers will find themselves walking a clear, straight path to some very dark events, yet unable to turn away.

With 39 reviews on Amazon and an aggregate 4.5 star rating, I’m hardly the only one to recommend this book, but anyone looking for a well-written story of romantic betrayal, psychological torment, and satanic worship ought to pick up a copy soon.

'The beauty of Hunt's writing is that she can describe even the most vicious atrocities with elegance and eloquence, rendering a book as entrancing as it is horrifying.' @TheHoltoning Click To Tweet

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