The key of focus: Know your reason why

The key of focus: Know your reason why

THE BOLD MOM Focus and success

My daughter uses to tell me “mommy don’t worry” when she notices I’m stressed. She’s not three years old yet, by the way.

I have a lot to learn from her. And I guess I’ll never finish doing it. When I look at her, I know she is “my reason”.

Have you ever stopped your steps for a sec and wondered

WHY am I doing all of this?

“What” is my REASON

Everybody has one, even if you think you don’t. Some people ache for money, but what they really want is freedom. Others, proving themselves to the others.

Another ones, fight against themselves because they’re so hungry of competition. Or maybe you’re trying to solve an internal conflict you have.

If you don’t know what you are fighting for, you will never get there.

So, stop, calm down, think about it. If you are real to yourself, the answer will, perhaps, surprise you. So you can redirect your way and focus even better than you’ve been doing so far.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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