Keys and tips to deal with “Mental Health” by Paul Zinder

Life is full of so many obstacles and we have to over come, I am here to help out those in need . I see a big need for it and thanks for checking it out I hope this helps.

We will look into many things but Ill make it quick and lay it all out in a nice platform for day to day things.

Yoga and meditation are very effective daily.
There are many videos to check out on youtube for this to do at home.
Walking 2 miles a day or even starting a mile.
8 hours of sleep is very important. So you can get Rm Sleep.
8 cups of water a day. Also if you drink coffee drink a cup of water after you do that as it dehydrates you.

First, Role with the punches. You take the good you take the bad then you get the facts of life.
It is never to late to change.
I have been on a spiritual journey physically , mentally and spiritually. These are the keys of good mental health its been proven.
Things to start today.
Eat right. Men eat Avocado, Salmon , Milk, Honey, Tumeric a spice from India they use it in everything. Eat , grapes, ginger, cinnamon , almond milk, boiled eggs, veggies are good, spinach even in scrambled eggs or anything with eggs. Vitamins are very good and We need Vitamin D to. Bananas are very good but Spinach has a much higher level of potassium in it.

Meditation. Check out on you tube. Tibetan Mediation its very good.
Listen to sounds of the rain, ocean, forest it helps put you in a good mood any time of the day and helps you sleep.
If you are into it, look it up for good luck, keep sunflowers, and listen to Christmas music anytime of the year this helps higher your vibrations for good energy to. Pine scent is very good for that .

Yoga many videos on this but Diamond Dallas Page has great videos he sells for this. Youtube DDP Yoga you will love it.

Look up the Duality of man . I will not tell you what it means. Part of self help and recovery is empowering yourself so many things you need to learn on your own to be more self empowered. An old Chinese proverb is If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he can eat for a life time. Have fun fishing.

I stretch out when I get up and awake lot s of video for that in the morning. Make sure you drink a cup of water in the morning and before you go to bed. You will notice you have more energy in the long run and morning. Your body needs something its asleep for 8 hours. Also do not eat 2 hours before you go to bed just water is fine.

When you do sleep make sure there is no light on , and do not have your phone in the same room. Any light or anything takes away from your deep RM sleep.

I have looked into this , and did it in the army this next part is up to you. I hope you all like it.

Its called re·sil·ient
adjective: resilient
(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
“babies are generally far more resilient than new parents realize”
synonyms: strong, tough, hardy; More

Pretty much the easy way to learn resiliency is remember these core facts.
Life is ok. You are ok. Do not blame everything on yourself. Do not say why me, or break that habit. Do not say I did it again, or blame yourself or others. These are mind traps. You want to say things like “oh I learned a lesson and I can do better next time. Always be positive. Try to do your best in all that you can do, and never cheat yourself. Its OK when things happen these are normal”, and its not OK to blame yourself.


Always take a step back , take a deep breath and realize things are normal. You can bounce back in your life. Ways to do this is make a gratitude list and write down what you are grateful for and abundant in. To change your mind and be happy and not get set in the same traps

Try to notice what makes you upset

Over come and adapt to your situation.

Notice your triggers.

Think Positive.

CSF2 Training Options
 DA– Scheduled MRT Level 1 Courses
 Executive Level Resilience Training
 Assistance with standardized Resilience Training Assistant (RTA) Courses
 Assistance with QA/QC of unit level Resilience Training

Goal Setting: Understand the key components of the 7-step goal setting process and prac-tice the skill so it can be used independently to plan for achieving personal and career goals.

ATC: Identify your Thoughts about an Activating Event and the Consequences of those Thoughts.

Hunt the Good Stuff: Counter the Negativity Bias, create posi-tive emotion, and notice and analyze what is good.
Energy Management: Modu-late energy to a level that is ap-propriate for the task-at-hand and that allows optimal perfor-mance.

Avoid Thinking Traps: Identi-fy and correct counterproduc-tive patterns in thinking through the use of Critical Questions.

Detect Icebergs: Identify and evaluate core beliefs and core values that fuel out-of-proportion emotions and reac-tions.

Problem Solving: Accurately identify what caused the prob-lem and identify solution strate-gies.

Put It In Perspective: Stop cata-strophic thinking, reduce anxiety, and improve problem solving by identifying the Worst, Best, and Most Likely outcomes of a situation.

Mental Games: Change the focus away from counterproductive think-ing to enable greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Real-Time Resilience: Shut down counterproductive thinking to ena-ble greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Identify Character Strengths in Self and Others: Identify Charac-ter Strengths in yourself and in oth-ers to recognize the best of yourself and the best of others.

Character Strengths: Challenges and Leadership: Identify Charac-ter Strengths in yourself and in oth-ers to improve teamwork, overcome challenges, and to be the most ef-fective leader you can be.

Assertive Communication: Com-municate clearly and with respect. Use the IDEAL model to communi-cate in a Confident, Clear, and Con-trolled manner.

Effective Praise and Active Con-structive Responding: Praise ef-fectively to build mastery and win-ning streaks and respond to others to build strong relationships.

Skill 1: Activating Events, Thoughts, and Consequences: Identify your
thoughts about an activating event and the consequences of those

Skill 2: Avoid Thinking Traps: Identify and correct counterproductive
patterns in thinking through the use of critical questions.
Skill 3: Detect Icebergs: Identify deep beliefs and core values that fuel
out‐of‐proportion emotion and evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of
these beliefs.

Skill 4: Energy Management: Enhance self‐regulation so that you’re
able to stay calm and focused during adversity or challenging events.

Skill 5: Problem Solving: Accurately identify what caused the problem
and identify solutions.

Skill 6: Put It in Perspective: Stop catastrophic thinking, reduce anxiety,
and improve problem‐solving skills by identifying the worst, best, and
most likely outcomes of a situation.

Skill 7: Real‐time Resilience: Shut down counterproductive thinking to
enable greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Skill 8: Character Strengths: Identify your top character strengths and
those of others and identify ways to use your strengths to increase
your effectiveness and strengthen your relationships.

Skill 9: Strengths in Challenges: Identify the specific actions that flow
from your strengths in challenges and in successes.

Skill 10: Assertive Communication: Communicate clearly and with
respect. Use the IDEAL model to communicate in a confident, clear, and
controlled manner. (I‐Identify and understand the problem. D‐Describe
the problem objectively and accurately. E‐Express your concerns and
how you feel [when appropriate]. A‐Ask others for their perspectives
and then ask for a reasonable change. L‐List the outcomes.)

Skill 11: Active Constructive Responding and Praise: Respond
constructively to others to build strong relationships and use praise to
build mastery and winning streaks.

Skill 12: Hunt the Good Stuff: Look for positive things to counter the
negativity bias, to create positive emotion, and to notice and analyze
what is good.

Physical Fitness
Definition: Physical readiness is the ability to meet the physical
demands of any combat or duty position, accomplish the mission, and
continue to fight and win.

“War makes extremely heavy demands on the soldier’s strength and
nerves. For this reason, make heavy demands on your men in
peacetime exercises and training.” ‐ Field Marshal Erwin Rommel,
Infantry Attacks, 1937

Emotional Fitness
Definition: An emotionally fit person faces life’s challenges in a
positive, optimistic way by demonstrating self‐control, stamina, and
balance — never too high or too low — in regards to their choices and
“Cast me into a dungeon; burn me at the stake, crown me king of
kings, I can ‘pursue happiness’ as long as my brain lives, but neither
gods nor saints, wise men nor subtle drugs can ensure that I will catch
it.” ‐ Robert Heinlein
Social Fitness
Definition: A socially fit person develops and maintains trusted, valued
relationships, and friendships that are personally fulfilling. They foster
good communication including a comfortable exchange of ideas, views,
and experiences.
“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their
commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of
endeavor.” ‐ Vince Lombardi
Family Fitness
Definition: You build family fitness by being part of a family unit that is
safe, supportive, and loving, and provides the resources needed for all
members to live in a healthy and secure environment.
“Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live
for, great enough to die for.” ‐ Dag Hammerskjold
Spiritual Fitness
Definition: You build spiritual fitness by developing and strengthening
a set of beliefs, principles, or values that sustain you beyond family,
institutional, and societal sources of strength.
“In war, the moral is to the material as three is to one.” ‐ Napoleon

Develop supportive and caring relationships at home and among
friends and colleagues. Accept help and support and help others
when they need it.
2. Remember that some crises are beyond your control. You can’t
change events, but you can change the way you interpret and
react to them. Try to accept this and look ahead.
3. Accept that change is part of life and that you will have to adapt to
changing circumstances.
4. Set some realistic goals and take regular small steps towards
achieving them. Instead of focusing on the overarching goal, ask
yourself, “What is the one thing I can accomplish today?”
5. Be decisive. Do as much as you can rather than avoiding problems
and hoping they will go away.
6. Try to understand your own experiences in dealing with loss,
hardship, or emotional problems. Appreciate what you have
learned from these events.
7. Develop a positive view about yourself and be confident in your
strengths and abilities.
8. Try to take a longer‐term perspective and don’t overinflate the
significance of the event.
9. Stay hopeful and optimistic. Visualize what you want, rather than
worrying about what you fear.
10. Look after yourself and your health, keep fit, and take time out for
relaxation and peace. This will give you the strength and balance
to deal with difficult situations.

So now I hope you have the skills and basic idea . Keep a journal for this.
Also keep a journal next to you bed for your dreams. Write them down in the morning before you forget its a great way to deal with your dreams and many say it brings good luck and you will see how it helps you in many ways in your life.

So we have dealt with being Physically healthy, jog and goto the gym also when you are ready and start at your own pace. I see this time and time again some guy goes to the gym and tries to lift 100 pounds right away start with 60 or were you can and work your way up. Same with running start of walking a few miles then running a half mile and miles. Stretch out before and after every work out.

We have dealt with Mental health, whatever god you believe in meditation and more.
I have some Ideas for you and movies to watch.

Good Will Hunting.
One flew over the Co Cos nest.
Patch Adams.
Shawshank Redemption if anything you will not be glad you are in jail. best Quote get busy living or get busy dying.
My favorite is by Will Smith. Based on a true story Like Patch Adams, Its called
The Pursuit of Happiness.

Music Bob Marley is great and way ahead of his time. He was a Holy man of Jamaca his music is deep. He was a rasta man or
relating to a religious movement of Jamaican origin holding that blacks are the chosen people, that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the Messiah, and that black people will eventually return to their Africa.

Other music as I said X mas music, meditation music much on youtube, sounds of the rain ext.
I like the Beatles.

There is much music out there and it is the sound of the universe.

We have talked about being physically , mentally and spiritually healthy.
The bucket list is also another great movie.

Traveling the world , and enjoying it is good.
Everything in Moderation.
Stop and smell the roses.
Look at a cup of water like it is half full not empty.
You can bring a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
Watch a movie called what about Bob. Bill Murry is grate for a laugh.
Everyone is on a different path and level go up levels and you will cross paths, but do not try to go there path, take away there path our your own.

I hope you have enjoyed this. If anything else do the following things every day you can and life will get better.
Make a gratitude list.
Look up to the sky and realize no one is better then anyone rich or poor we all look at the same sun moon and stars.
Write an abundance lists , ways you are lucky and wish on every star you see.
Pray for a financial mircal, and wisdom to god or the universe.
Learn about the Native American Culture. They are great people full of wisdom. Check out the Native American Commandments. They do not believe in throwing away anything, and they love nature.

Find a good natural herb store in your town. You should not be on more then 4 pills for anything!!! They want you to take pills for everything also and not give you a cure…

Do not be a pawn in the pill game. Big Phramacy makes millions and dont let anyone treat you like a number

Be around people. animals are good to.
Laughter is the best medicine watch patch adams.
Get some good luck charms and pray for good luck . A four leave clover a horse shoe ext…. Good luck can be fun.
Have a hobby, write , draw share your heart love and music with who you can.

Help out who you can, learn something new daily and exercise when you can.
remember everything in moderation.

Enjoy your life , dream big no matter were you are , who you are how short or how small you are. I hope this helps out many .

If you wana write back to me on these things or let me know if it helped you please email me at


Thank you for your time. I have been meaning to write a good paper for mental health something that can really help others and I hope this does help.

“Be Kind To another”. ELLEN

I grew up In Detroit MI, I Have also been to over 20 states in The US, Windsor Canada, Nice place . I would say my Favorite States I have visited are Louisville Kentucky , and Colorado Springs Colorado. I also Lived in Korea for 6 years. I was in a lot of places, I was in Combat prefer not to say were. I have lived in The Philippines and Guam , that was after I got out of the army. The army gave me a unique perspective in life, and how great we really have it in life seeing a lot of poor places all over the world. There are some great places in the world also and I learned there are a lot of things America could takes notes for and catch up with. I will never understand why we do not have more speed Trains in America for example. I think it would be great for tourism for example here its safe , fun and easy to use.

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