Learn from your own sadness

Learn from your own sadness

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You can’t always be at your 100%.

Sometimes, sadness takes control. Sometimes… You can’t control your mind.

It’s OK. We’re not made of stone. We are not robots. We have a beating heart, and running blood in our veins.

When I feel I’m sinking, and I can’t solve the problem, or I just can’t see the light. I just surrender to the situation and let it flow.

I’ve learnt that, when your way turns tortuous and out of control, it’s for an important reason. You can’t see it now, but you will. You will.

Just, keep doing the right thing, keep a weak smile and never, never do something you can regret, even if you have an excuse.

Learn the lesson what’s behind the scene, and move forward.

“When you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong.” Eph 2:19

“Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Luke 8:50


  1. vishal4u

    You are saying we must go with the flow when things are not going as we want, but this is quiet contradictory to what we learn from childhood, that we must face the situation and try and swim against the wave be more tougher when things go wrong. What do you think about that ???

    1. Mar Watercolor

      I believe in both, depending on the situation. I mean, there are two kind of trouble in life, the ones we can’t control (health, death, pain coming from others…) And that ones where you can absolutely have the reins (self empowerment, life managing, self steem, love in all meanings, business… Etc) so I think when you go through sadness, you must learn the lesson, accept the situation and redirect your way, BUT keeping the fight, boldness and determination.

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