Three harsh truths you need to hear. Be brave and leave your comfort zone

Three harsh truths you need to hear. Be brave and leave your comfort zone
BRAD WILSON image rights

BRAD WILSON image rights

Sometimes it’s hard to find the way, just because our mind is used to follow the same path over and over again, and you’re blindfolded with your own reins.

It’s OK to be lost, it happens to everyone in this life. If you don’t get lost, you cannot leave your comfort zone and, although it’s so warm in there, you won’t take any step beyond that fence.

You have to train your mind as any other part of your body. You have to listen to your soul, be true to yourself and face all your fears. Because monsters are not under the bed, your monsters are your own thoughts, crawling in your veins slowly, making you feel that they own you.

And now, listen carefully:


You are king and emperor of your life. Although we suffer situations we cannot control, we decide the way we face them. The way we get over obstacles and get enforced with them. Yes, yes I know, life can be so hard, terribly hard but, do you know what?

The hardest battles are given to the strongest warriors

I’ve been mistaken about many things in my life. I fell, I crushed, I broke down to many walls. And hey, here I am. Strong as ever, less than tomorrow. And so are you all.

Let me tell you another last thing:

We, hurt people, are the most dangerous. Because we know, we can survive.

You, I, everybody, have the right and the obligation to find happiness and a safe-place wherever you go in life. Whatever your decisions are. An advice from an expert “mistaker”?  do not set a huge goal if you are feeling “little” or weak. Just, take a step.

Decide you want to change. Decide you deserve something better. Decide to take the reins.

When you feel stronger, then you will start fighting. By now just, calm your mind and fix your eyes.

Look for someone as hungry as you are. Do you have fierce, strong, visceral needs? Look for your partner, someone who share your demons with, and feed off each other. Neutralize your fears, quench your thirst, someone who makes you skid instead of drowning your wants and hopes in the mud.

Do not hold back. Be true, accept your beast, love it and take the control.


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