When you are lost.


Sometimes, you just need to be pushed and dragged to the limit to be able to jump the cliff. To the emptiness. No more fighting, no more self-blaming. You take a step for yourself and decide stop drowning.

Have you ever been in the mud? Your soul exhausted. That’s because your heart doesn’t find its place. And crawls looking for it. And gets sick and tired and… No more aching. Take it with your hands, keep it warm and safe and do not let it go. Because your heart, soul and blood are the ones feeding that inner animal who keeps you on Earth. In the ground, your roots, your fears and phantoms.

Just…. just try to be honest to yourself and respond, “why am I doing this?” “what’s my soul aching for?”

Maybe, something is calling, crying out inside of you, and your sadness comes right from not wanting to hear it.

Perhaps, this is what you’ve been waiting for, all your life.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

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