BOOK REVIEW – “Luke Coles and the Flower of Chiloé” by Josh Walker


This book is a fantastic piece. It mixes adventure, paranormal and humor.

The protagonist, Luke, is such an intricate character with many faces, who on one hand tries to forget and struggles with a daily life full of sarcasm and flirting, and on the other deals with paranormal creatures he tracks and destroy.

A “gringo” in the south, adapting and transforming himself in every chapter of the book, leads the reader through changing emotions and excitement that gets you stuck to the book until you finish it. The secondary characters are very real and accurate, with different shades and suffering their own evolution as they connect with our hunter.

The chapters have the perfect length, enough to involve the reader in every single scene, but short enough as to let us breath (which is much appreciated). Descriptions are sensorial and realistic, you can perfectly picture in your mind what Walker is telling you, and you never find the moment of leaving the book.

The mix between Latin terminology and traditions with the mind of a northern man makes an original combination full of cynicism and why not, points of comedy that make the reader smile so big many times along the book. I did! The plot is full of different stories and flashbacks, terrific creatures, tons of action and a very special romance.

Walker’s writing is very fresh, quick, easy to the eye. Energetic and adventurous, you reach the unexpected end and you cannot help wanting more, looking the for the next book. I sincerely recommend it to action lovers and paranormal fans. Congratulations.

Review written by Mar G.-Amorena


“Luke Coles is brilliant read and a superb masterpiece. If any book can be written so perfectly, it is Luke Coles. Josh Walker’s Luke Coles is very creative and twists and turns with plots of past and modern times. Never had I read a book that could portray a classic event of past, flowing into the modern era where Luke Cole an ex soldier seeks revenge for the  blood of his love, Flor.  It is interwoven with mythical creatures of the island of Chiloe. The story sparks each time you pick up this great book to read. It kept me on the edge and I was sure my heartbeat beat faster as I really wanted to know what happened next. It is a page turner for sure. As Luke Coles seeks revenge and prepares to learn magic and supernatural powers, his thirst for revenge prepares him for the ultimate battle. And as he eliminates his enemies, his pet, Shadow lingers by his side and this is what made me cry out. Even the saddest of human being needs a pet who can feel his pain. Shadow was the most brilliant character, who stuck even in the foulest of battles. Luke Coles has proven its worth and in book industry we can call it the ultimate masterpiece! Many sincere congratulation to Josh Walker and I cannot wait to read the other books in Luke Coles series.”
Karishma Krishna

Little World – The Magical Surrender
Wl Writers Literary Agency
Stategic Book Publishing/New York
Eloquent Books/New York

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Josh Walker was born the third of seven children. He was raised in Cheyenne, WY. Growing up, he was a fan of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After graduating High School, he spent two years in Chile: learning the language and culture, meeting new people, and making lifelong friends.

He returned to the United States, taking an interest in early childhood education and spent eight years in that field. Going back to Chile to visit old friends, he found a new one -the best friend he ever had- Macarena. They have been married for seven years and have three children; a one year old boy, three year old boy, and five year old girl.

Josh worked as the Creative Story Director for Apixal, an independent game developer.

He currently manages Forgotten Places Publishing, LLC and delivers pizzas.

When he isn’t writing or working at his day job, he is spending time with his wife and kids.




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