May my drawings reach my freedom.

THE BOLD MOM DRAWING mermaids mar-watercolor-art-drawing-mermaids-2-wm

May my drawings live all I cannot.

Keep safe my secrets,

And find sweet peace in the dark.


They are free to cross the oceans,

Crawl into pleasure

Their soul, bounded up.


No fears, no noise, no confessions.

Just silence, warm and cuffs.


May my drawings, little creatures,

grab this freedom, and fly.

When a cage has no locks,

but your trembling, cold and sad.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

2 thoughts on “May my drawings reach my freedom.

  1. Damn. Now that is what we call in America fanfuckingtastic. Great art, your going to get big one day, I can feel it. Your also very attractive. We love beautiful women at Gastradamus and would love feedback from you on a few of our stories. Please check out Miss Scarlet… The empty voter
    And Blue Jasmine. See ya toots

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