Nickerbacher is a book for children, written by Terry John Barto and illustrated by Kim Sponaugle.

This story starts as a regular fairy tale, a princess waiting to be rescued guarded by a huge dragon, a knight in shiny armor, fire, swords… but the author manages to turn it into a very special adventure.

Nickerbacher is a dragon who’s supposed to jealously keep Gwendolyn, a fair princess, locked in a castle but his big dream is to become a comedian in La La Land, where dragons are not allowed between people, so he holds an important crusade fighting for the equal rights of dragons.

“Nickerbacher wailed. “You’re a dragon. You’re not supposed to make people laugh,” Papa growled.”

This book is brilliant. It might be for children but I deeply recommend it to all adults. It’s fresh, quick, catching and funny. Very funny. I laughed many times reading it, and this is a huge merit of the author because in my opinion, making people laugh is the most difficult thing in this world.

“Boom. You’ve all been dragooned”

Not to mention the relevant message Barto is teaching us. I love and appreciate how the author changes the tone of the story, from a bunch of harsh truths, “Son, it’s important to understand that not everybody is like you,” Papa Dragon said. “If you give humans a chance, they’ll hurt you. That’s what humans do.” to showing how to step in when it’s necessary to do the right thing. Thank you for that.

Characters are transparent and the author doesn’t drown the reader in descriptions, what makes everything agile and energetic.

The writing is simple, direct, clean. The illustrations are very beautiful and abundant. This piece is just, different and surprising, you don’t expect what you find in the book. You turn the first page looking for kid’s material and you find yourself laughing and enjoying every word. This book makes your day.

I honestly recommend it to EVERYONE, not only to the little ones. There are few things in life which brighten your day, this is one of them. Lots of congratulations to the author.

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