Nominated for Best Self-Published Fantasy Novel “ROARS OF WAR” by Sean Rodden

“Heroism is a quiet thing, a silent giant that seeks neither fame nor glory, nor even recognition, but only a warm and welcome place in the hearts of those who know. Heroism demands no reward, no adulation, neither a band of gold upon the brow nor the roar of the adoring crowd. It does not seek to surpass, but to serve. It subsists in sacrifice, in the abandonment of self, in steadfast and stalwart dedication to the truth. To all that is right and good. Not to what is deemed right and good, but to that which is right and good. And this is done in perfect purity, in perpetuity. Heroism abides not in victory, not in the defeat and degradation of the foe, but in the uplifting of the individual and of others, and in the sanctity of the spirit. For the true measure of a hero is not in the woe and war that he wreaks, but in the peace he brings – not in the agony he inflicts, but in that which he endures.”

Sean Rodden

Whispers of War

This novel has been nominated for Best Self-Published Fantasy Novel of 2017

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2017 BookNest Fantasy Awards (Voting for the Shortlist)

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