Quick thought. Obsession

Today I just want to share a quick thought with you. It’s Friday, I won’t be heavy about it.

Sometimes life keeps you away from your deepest needs. Your obsessions, your anchors, what makes you seem a sane person.

Sometimes, life’s feeling playful and whispers in your neck “…let’s see how you like it.”

And cliff after cliff you find yourself jumping to the emptiness, because there’s no way back, there’s no port, no light in the dark. But, there’s one thing keeping your eyes fixed: that sharp savor in your lips. Those harrowing beats in your throat, the arrhythmia hitting your chest. Oh dear, yes you know what I’m talking about.

Damn, that smile. Even in the darkness you can feel it.

Sometimes, few times, hardly eventually. You know it. But this time, it’s not your brain talking.

It’s your blood. Your soul.

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

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