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Paul Zinder, Born July 8 1980. Most of you know or think they know about Detroit Mi were I was born. A lot claim from being there, but I grew up with the Heart , Soul , and Detroit Strong attitude that we all know and love. I am not talking about all the bad, about Detroit that you here about the run down city, the abandoned miles of houses and buildings. I am talking about all the Italians , and Germans, and many people of all races that came together and that are still getting Detroit to were it was and were it needs to be.

The same people that Got us threw the great depression, and helped back then , and who will never give up. That voice and attitude carries strong with me today in helping those people on the fringe of society, so called out cast, or people that just need a hand in mental health issues, homeless, family issues, or anything. It is in my heart everyday and help others you help yourself. There are show about winning money, or whats in it for me, ext. Were are the shows and writings about who wants to help someone today, and lift up your fellow man.

In my writings and drawings that is what I try to capture the best of us all in this world. Its easy to see the worse but if we all pull together we can be better one step at a time. Thank you. I was also in the army, now I work with people who help those in the mental health community and am glad to still serve to help others


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I’ve always enjoyed writing, I decided to pursue it as a career after I realized it’s the one thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. My first genre was self-help, I chose this because of the many mentors I’ve had, it was my way of paying them back. I currently write romance and general fiction. My rule of writing is to go! Grab a pen and let your mind bleed all over the pages, tell stories that will inspire the world.

My name is Joseph Wade Vasquez

I write under the pen names:

Joseph Wade – General Fiction

J.V. Wade – Romance

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Website/blog: “The Writing Purchase”
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I’m a mom and aspiring author of my first novel. I’ve also written many poems, and I so dearly love to share my work. I love life and try my best to appreciate the dark days of being alive and human. Writing is my therapy, and I love it with a passion. Bad times or good times, that’s my poison.

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Rodrigo Ernesto Ordóñez Sosa (1979), Mérida, Yucatán. Estudió la licenciatura de Ciencias Antropológicas Especializado en Lingüística y Literatura en la UADY. Parte de su obra poética esta recopilada en la Antología Venturas, Nubes y Estridencias, en Nuevas Voces en el Laberinto, Tres Cantos a Felipe Carrillo Puerto, en el Suplemento Cultural Arena del periódico Excélsior y en la Revista Camino Blanco. En Ensayo esta recopilada en el libro Cuadernos de Ensayos Universitarios, Disyuntivas y Arenas Blancas. Tiene colaboraciones en la sección Paisaje Crítico del periódico Por Esto!. Obtuvo el segundo lugar del concurso Nacional de Poesía Rosario Castellano de la UADY, el segundo lugar en el concurso Regional de Poesía Felipe Carrillo Puerto y Mención de Honor en el premio José Díaz Bolio. Es autor de los libros de poemas Persistencia del Tiempo y Bisagras. Compilador del libroLa Morada del Pensamiento Maya: La construcción de un Discurso. Actualmente es Presidente de la Red Literaria del Sureste.









I’m a writer, blogger, geek, mom and student. Writing is something that I only came back to a few years ago. It gives me the chance the express parts of myself that I never could explain in any other way. Dark poetry comes naturally to me, I find that the words flow and can take on a life of their own. I am constantly trying to find myself in my work, and love that I can share that journey with others.


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Mar Founder of The Bold Mom

I’m Mar. Founder of The Bold Mom.

I’m promoter and illustrator.

I’m only a channel for all those amazing authors above to express.

Paul is a little light on the way when you’re lost.

Joseph is an amazing orator about mental health and genuine thoughts about being in the dark.

Nicole… Nicole is a sweet, lovely poet with sharp thoughts.

Rodrigo is an awesome Spanish poet, and even better person.

Tina‘s dark poetry will melt anyone’s heart.

Ben writes the kind of texts that you always want to read and keep close when you lose your north.

Take a minute to check their work, because what make their excellence is not just how good their work is, but how beautiful souls they are. Thank you for being here, and making all of this possible.


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