A little collection

A little collection I want to close, to start a new one.

I’m almost gifting them. 30USD each or 100USD the five. I only sell them once, because the owner keeps all the rights.

You can email me at theboldmom@gmail.com


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“TREE’S A CHARM” by Toneye Eyenot







by Toneye Eyenot


“Well, look at you, Mr. Caterpillar! You are a colourful critter!” Clarry Montfarland knelt on the forest floor, leaning right forward on his arms with magnifying glass in hand. The caterpillar he was admiring had just ridden a dislodged leaf from a low hanging branch and was now slowly consuming its ride. Clarry inspected the uncountable hair-like spines on its back and knew not to try picking it up. He recalled with a shudder, the stupid game they had going at school, where you’d pluck a leaf with a spitfire caterpillar on it, sneak up on some unsuspecting kid and touch them with it. It was all fun and games – outrageous itching, a sting which hurt for hours, red, painful blisters – until someone allergic blew up like a balloon and went into anaphylactic shock. Read more ““TREE’S A CHARM” by Toneye Eyenot”

“The Truth of Madness” by Tina McFarlane


You call me mad
Just because I see what you do not
Do you so fear the truth?
I can see you
See you for what you really are
And that terrifies you
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JUST RELEASED!! – “MUDCAT” by John Quick


“…Will Anyone Survive the MUDCAT?”

The town of Ashford Fork, Tennessee has enough problems dealing with the worst rainstorm in a century. When the townsfolk start turning up dead and partially eaten, they discover they have more than rain to worry about. Read more “JUST RELEASED!! – “MUDCAT” by John Quick”