“CATACLYSM” by Theresa Jacobs. …are you afraid of who is locked with you at night…?


by Theresa Jacobs


A small Rocky Mountain community is plunged into fear when their sweet old librarian is found mutilated. She was alone in a locked apartment, with only her cat as a witness.
Her death is only the beginning.


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“The Beauty of the Troubled Mind” by Tina McFarlane

The girl

She’s special, or maybe just simple
Electro-shock makes her scream
She bites her tongue off
They like their levers and their needles
That pierce her and make her moan
Soon they will break her

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“In Due Time” by Nicole Heinz

In dreams,

that’s when I see them burning,

rushed from hiding

All tied by invisible strings

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Coming soon… THE AFTERWARDS by N. Heinz


“I’d always known I was different. A loner..” 


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“I’d always known I was different, a loner, the pretty little weird girl. But not even my overactive imagination could’ve made this up…

When will the world end? We all wonder this at some point in our lives. For me, it was sooner than I expected. Now I’m in hiding with Markus Kelly, a man I just met, against an enemy that claims they were here first and we’re the trespassers.

My name is Ruby Wynn and according to some ancient prophecy I’m a dream’ar, not a dreamer, and my dreams have the power to unfold in waking reality. But the last thing I want is to close my eyes at night, and I’m dreadfully tired of hiding. I want to give up but Markus won’t let me. I want my life back. I want my loved ones back but fate wants me more, one last time.”



Namia Nox by Toneye Eyenot


Toneye Eyenot

“Sleep, my daughter. Don’t be afraid. I will remain by your bedside and nothing will dare to cause you harm.”
“But… Daddy…” Elizabeth’s voice came in a strained whisper as she desperately fought the waves of slumber, pulling her deeper with each unrelenting ebb no matter how fiercely she resisted.
“Yes, my dear Elizabeth?”
“You can’t stop her. Nobody can…stop…” Her father’s voice was the last thing Elizabeth Leary heard as she slipped from the waking world into her all too familiar place of terror.
Shhhh. Sleep now.”

Find this story in the anthology “Nocturnal Nightmares”