“For I am the Raven” by Joseph Vasquez

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For I am the Raven:


I can hunt forcefully like the Lion, or scavenge like the Vulture, my instincts dictate the need. I can hunt with others for mutual gain, but I’m best when I soar alone.

I don’t travel in a pack like the Wolf, although I admire their methods. I watch them from a distance, learning their ways.

Perched, I keep a watchful eye. Some see me as unassuming, some see me as vindictive, but I just take from the Earth what she gives me.

Cloaked in Black, hidden in the twilight, I watch the world, it’s peaceful, yet complex. I’m perched under the moon until the night passes. The howls of the wolves tell me it’s morning, and I must soar another day, for I am the Raven.

“The Mad Imp” by Tina McFarlane

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Those Whispers
They goes tap tap tapping in my head
Those bad tricksters
Full of darkest thoughts
Wicked thoughts

I feels them crawling
Like ants dancing on my skin
They excites me they do
Causes my eyes to tingle
And my mouth to go all curvy up
You can sees my pointy teeth
So shiny

They don’t like my teeth
Those people don’t
They screeches and makes awful sounds

“DEMON!” they calls me

Until I shuts them up

I don’t like to be called names

And once they shuts up
So do my Whispers
And I’s all quiets again

“I’m losing” by Paul Zinder

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I’m bored, torn apart, trying to over come feeling to dark inside its to hard to move. Do I drink, do I try to find new love what do I do how can I go on.

I have wished on every star for things to change, Every shooting star to that comes my way. I have lit every candle, I have ran to many miles, I exercise, I try, I work hard, I write, I draw I have passion.

Still it is so hard to wake up on time, I don’t want any more long sleepless nights. How can I dream again. When Will it be fun again. I have tried to go back to my childhood days, remember the good not the bad from those days. Yet you cant dwell on the past. Sure I got a new job but with that new problems and people arise. I cant help it no more. I am trying daring more.

I try to live and it seems when I do I fall twice as hard. They say you have to test yourself and push it to the limit. I am tired of falling and it seems I am losing. I hope I can over come my friends. I hope can endure the storm. Its an old tale but they say its always darkest before that sun breaks from dawn. Yet I try to tell myself it will be a new better day…

I am losing , I am losing my will, my drive, my will, my way, my light, I am losing in every way its all cold dark and gray. Do I like it this way? I have worked to hard to over come these pains. They still haunt me and wont let me go today…

It’s dark and cold I do not want to fade away. I will try to keep that little light going and see what the next few months will bring… Whisper to me its going be ok my friends , It will reach me I promise Ill need it for sure. Ill whisper back and maybe we can all have a good dream someday…

My dreams are dark and I have no idea what was the last good dream I had…

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“Shrapnel and Ice” by Mar G.-Amorena



Your soul… my soul… just black stains in a cold, empty space.

Breaking pieces, a million crystals. A bloody explosion, uncontrollable.

An spiral, dark like a throat, melting around shrapnel and ice.

An unbearable sound, imploding among our ruins and ashes.


Before the thunderstorm.

Where are you? Here, all the time.

You… your soul… mine… just black stains in a cold, empty space.