LUNIAKK PUBLICATIONS© Descend into the Foulest Depths of Hell.

“I AM that icy whisper which freezes your blood, when I approach you to exhale your soul.

I AM that shadow circling you, forcing you to halt your breathing. You lie to yourself, thinking, “It’s an illusion. Just an illusion…”


I am not.


I AM that reflection on the other side of the mirror, staring at you, making you feel awkward and weak.

I AM that nightmare sneaking into your already perturbed mind, night after night… awaking psychosis and terror in your trembling thoughts.

I impregnate my viscous remnant in your throat.

And there’s no way out.

You will never forget about me.

You will never, be alone again.”

Your Horror Author



Luniakk Publications© is here to awake your most disturbing nightmares.

No filters.

No way back.


They just released their first horror flash fiction collection, “Flash Of Darkness” by Toneye Eyenot.


Many more are yet to come…

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HORRID LORE. A team of dreamers, plagued by nightmares.

A team of dreamers, plagued by nightmares.

Horrid Lore presents horror audiobooks and wicked material to their fans.



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Interview with KEVIN HOLTON


Today we have the pleasure to interview KEVIN HOLTON, an exciting new discovery for The Bold Mom. Witty, intelligent and very passionate about his work, Kevin was a joy to talk to.

With his stories inspired by kaiju influences and his love for cyberpunk, Holton will bring the most pleasant nightmares, courtesy of apocalyptic monstrosities.

With his unstoppable positive energy, he really lights up the party, and this is not the last time you will hear his name.

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Disturbing Drawings© online store . Get our most disturbing illustrations. 


Disturbing Drawings© online store

Get our most disturbing illustrations.

…Come in.

If you are interested in personalized artwork (for your book, a cover, an album), contact


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MICHAEL FISHER. Horror Author and Artist



Michael Fisher, Fish to his friends and family, is an award-winning author, artist and editor including JEA Editor’s Choice Book of the Year 2015.

Fisher is a talented writer that has uses his tattoo background to give the story its backbone. The detail, and character development is flawless and keeps the pages flying. (Michael – Amazon reader)

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