I just finished the second book of this dark-fantasy series and, honestly, I loved them so much. I’m so happy for having them in paperback. If you’re looking for quality terror, check them out. You’ll love them too, and together, they make an amazing gift 🙂
“The Sacred Blade of Profanity” series by Toneye Eyenot – Dark Author & Musician

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“Take a break” by Joseph Vasquez

I knew that I wanted to be a writer for many years, but I didn’t know how to do it. I built a mountain, I let doubt, fear, and other things keep me from pursuing my dream, now that I decided to go all in, it has been the best experience of my life. I keep a notepad just about everywhere I go. I wake up, remembering that I wrote something down the night before, and when I regroup, I continue with the thought.

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BOOK REVIEW – “Joshua’s Folly” by Toneye Eyenot


“Joshua’s Folly” by Toneye Eyenot is the second book of the dark-fantasy series “The Sacred Blade of Profanity.”
The first one, “The Scarlett Curse” is an amazing little novella where the main characters and background are introduced.

This book reveals the thread in flashes, sewing all the stories from the first title together. What seemed to be the centre of the plot, is not. Who you thought to be the hunter, turns into prey. Everything makes sense for the reader, but all doors remain open for THAT feeling telling you nothing will stay like this for long. Read more “BOOK REVIEW – “Joshua’s Folly” by Toneye Eyenot”

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – “Embracing the Darkness” by Jeremy Mac

Embracing the Darkness

by Jeremy Mac

Dark secrets thought to be long buried are revealed… and even darker desires are awakened.
Release December 12th , 2017
Before heading home for the summer, four college friends plan a weekend getaway in the wilds of Woodland Ire, a vast mountainous forest miles away from civilization. With full access to a plush cabin and a nearby lake – and their own stock of alcohol and weed – the next few days are sure to be a carefree carnal filled blast. But an unimaginable darkness lurks in these remote woods, and soon after it turns their weekend party into a terror filled nightmare. Dark secrets thought to be long buried are revealed… and even darker desires are awakened.

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“Don’t forget about me” by Mar G.-A.

Obsessions are the thick sticky warm petrol of our mind. What makes our thoughts stick together. That pleases our sanity, increasing the feeling that we control what we think. What we do. What we destroy. Oh… dear.

Please tell my sister to gather off my things, I feel exhausted. I won’t ask you for rest… do you have some water? My lips are so dry… I barely feel my tongue, it’s difficult to talk. Read more ““Don’t forget about me” by Mar G.-A.”