COMPULSION. Mental Health – “PTSD” by Joseph Vasquez

The hardest thing about loving someone with PTSD is the unpredictability, you will literally be tested in ways you never thought possible. one minute, you’re having a normal conversation, the next, you’re trying to put together a puzzle in the dark.

It’s hell loving you, but I’ve gone through hell for less. Read more “COMPULSION. Mental Health – “PTSD” by Joseph Vasquez”

Some wicked reads. Horror recommendation.

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We have some Sunday’s wicked horror reads for you.

It Always Bites You In The End” by Michael Fisher

“When a Washington DC Metro Homicide detective started his shift on a sunny July morning, he was greeted with an unusual victim, an obvious snake bite; not something normally considered a homicide, but a tattoo on the victim sends him down a path he would never have believed. As the week progresses, an increasing number of unexplainable homicides draws Detective MacCallen ever deeper into a world of tattooed nightmares, terrors enacted in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Can Detective MacCallen stop the murders before they happen again? “Wonderfully inventive and darkly funny…with a subtle Clive Barker influence… his command of the English language is superb, creating tension and scares from simple and routine situations, the sign of a great writer.” -Stuart Keane, Author of Grin and Charlotte “

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“FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 2. Altered Beasts” – The Interview. Part 3

Welcome to the FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 2 Interview (part 3). You can find the complete interview here:

You can find the anthology on Amazon (clicking on the image)

3.Why did you want to join this book?

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BOOK REVIEW – “Harvester’s Trade” by Jim Goforth


“Harvester’s Trade” is a novella by Jim Goforth. What to say? Goforth is an established extreme horror master and as such, of course, has written an amazing, terrifying, blood-spattered story.

The more you like a book, the more difficult is to review it, because you don’t keep calm. You only want to jump and say “ah! read this!!!”. I just read it in a row, literally walking around doing things with my phone in my hand, without being able to stop. I finished the book, put it down, stare at it and whisper “Holy cow. This.” Read more “BOOK REVIEW – “Harvester’s Trade” by Jim Goforth”

“Harvester’s Trade” new novella by Jim Goforth

“Harvester’s Trade” is JIM GOFORTH last release.

The already well-known extreme horror master pours new fresh bloody material on your hands.



Ten of the country’s most notorious felons have just been shackled, chained, and blindfolded, and bundled onto a prison bus, with no explanation.
With no knowledge of their destination, this dangerous collective of murderers, rapists, thugs, and violent offenders widely assume they’re being transferred from their current facility to another, or split up and relocated among multiple others. That isn’t the only theory. Read more ““Harvester’s Trade” new novella by Jim Goforth”