Broken poem. Fiercely free.


Let it be free and burn down all your fears

Until the ashes will fill your veins.

Throbbing pressure, never enough

The need of a Beast, never ends.


You will recognize her by the scars in her face,

The bruises in her soul.

The peace in her sight.

Knowing herself under a fierce obsession.

Control, rules, tore the light.


So only in the dark

Two ruined souls find redemption.

One, craving for softness.

The other, protection.


Grabbing, pulling, taking hold.

Biting, embracing, not a word.

Pushing your limits you find salvation.

This is no game, no chance.

Maroon everywhere.

What are you going to do?

Tremble, breath, shake.

Sigh, lose, fade.


I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
Promoter and compulsive thinker.

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