You must know. The power of your voice.

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Never take for granted the power of your words, and never underestimate them.

Let me get more accurate, the power of “the sound” of your words. Words by themselves, are nothing. Empty, inert, mud. The force behind them is the intensity that makes them strong enough to resound in every little space of your mind.

Why not go beyond that, and think about the source of that energy, perhaps, the voice? Would a simple pair or words provoke the same emotion in you, told by different people?

I’m going to make it simpler. Think about the simplest word in the whole world: “No.”

The word by itself is useless. It has to crawl through someone to make sense. Depending on the soul who pronounces it, it can make you indifferent, smile, ask, doubt or tremble.

That’s why, when you express yourself, you have to be always careful, because you never know who’s taking your word. You never know how you are influencing the one next to you, and if you do, then you have the obligation of being temperate and fair. Humble and strict at once. To take conscience of the control you may have over someone else and act in consequence.

As soon as you open your mouth (to talk) you are totally responsible of the power of your voice. And the incidence that it may have on the one waiting for your word.

We easily forget about this big little detail, and it’s very important to keep it in mind.

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