“Reaper” by Tina McFarlane

Image source: https://es.pinterest.com/pin/224617100148045548/


I watch you
You feel me, admit it
That tingling on your neck
Like someone tracing with a finger
That slides across your throat

I’m amused

You amuse me

So predictable are you
That desperate act of self-preservation

I have taken kings and lords
Babes from their mother’s breasts
Screaming, whimpering, silent
I take them all

But if running makes you feel better
Then who am I to stop you?

I’m a simple creature
I want for nothing

I’m a patient creature
I’ve all the time in the world

Which is more than I can say for you.

Sorry, too cliché?

I see that you’ve slowed down
Fatigued, you surrender

And as I approach
You look at me with eyes so full of tears
That if I had a heart
I may actually be touched

So close now
That I can feel your breath on my bones
And I whisper

Not yet.”



As a writer, I have a dual nature, and love both the light and the dark. They each bring out a different side of me. Writing gives me the chance to explore both.

Here, in this special place, you will find my darkness.

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