CURRENTLY accepting books

  • I respond all emails and requests, whether if I can accept the book or not.
  • I accept paper, Kindle, .PDF (little children’s book), Google Play Books.
  • Please do not send me novels in .pdf, that’s a really hard reading. Thank you
  • I accept books in English, Spanish (Latin and Castillian), French and Catalan (català).
  • About the way of getting the books, I adapt to the author.
  • Once I accepted a book, I WILL write the review. I consider, beyond my personal opinion, all authors deserve to be considered and respected for their work.
  • Each review will be about 500-600 words.
  • I will publish the review in my site (pinned for a week as cover article), Amazon, Goodreads and send a .PDF copy to the author. If the author has any special request in any site they wanted me to publish it, I accept suggestions.
  • I will share contact and social media information about the author (if wanted).
  • I will share both review and book information in twitter during three days.
  • After reading a book, the author will tell me what they want me to do with the original or digital copy.
  • If I don’t like the book, I’m not destroying, I give my advice and vision or recommend some resources.
  • Once I accepted a book, I will take about a week to make the review. Anyways, it will depend on my schedule so I’ll talk personally to the author about this in every case.
  • To contact me, the fastest way is to reach out to (or through the contact form, which is the same). Anyways, I respond to all Twitter (@mar_watercolor) DM’s (when they are not robots) and comments in my site.
  • I accept and respond (as soon as I can) all suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions and inquires.

Thank you sincerely for your time and attention,