Do not forget to build a fort. A shelter for your soul.



Missing someone is the worst feeling ever, when the love is true.

You cannot heal any wound, because you don’t have the proper bandage. You just can accept, and try to carry the burden on your shoulders as much as you can.

That’s why is so important to have a small safe-place where you can shelter from the throbbing Sun. Where you feel you can control the whole situation, and you’re able to let your mind rest. Do not let anxiety in…

Build that fort. Your soul needs a warm cave where to hide. It’s very important. Whether your situation is. A safe-place where you can be what you really are, do not feel embarrassed about your needs, so you can release and get strong enough to face your daily Hell again.

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  1. So beautiful
    So important
    So real
    Making yourself the priority
    Great post
    Excellent work
    As always Sheldon

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