“Sticks and Stones” by Joseph Vasquez

Whoever said words don’t hurt obviously never wrote a book or a song. Some of the deepest scars are from words.

Some words are like weeds in an unattended garden, if you don’t constantly pull them, they will take over, once they take over, it’s almost impossible to grow anything else.

To this day I try to shake off words that have plagued me for years. I try to believe I’m better than what I’ve been told. I would be lying if I said I’m the type to feed off of negativity, sometimes it can be paralyzing and hard to recover from.

Say something nice to someone. Tearing them down will not build you up, and who knows what damages we are causing. How many suicides may have been prevented if we treated each other better? Depression, eating disorders and so many other conditions are often the product of verbal abuse.

When I was 18, I had dinner with a mentor, he told me that he believed I can do something special with my life. I didn’t know much about positive affirmations, and how they can shape our lives, but I’m grateful that someone taught me. 

Words can have an adverse effect on our mental health, but if we use our words wisely, who knows what good may come.

I live in beautiful, sunny Southern California, the longest I’ve gone without a dog is two weeks, and I’m going to write until I can’t anymore.

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