“The stereotypical country music song” by Joseph Vasquez


It seems like for the past few years my life has been like a stereotypical country music song; so much of my time and money has gone to my truck and my dogs (I don’t have anything against pure country, it’s one of the most sincere forms of music) My dogs are family, so I would do anything for them, and my truck is almost 13 years old, so there’s obviously going to be issues.

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I live in beautiful, sunny Southern California, the longest I've gone without a dog is two weeks, and I'm going to write until I can't anymore.

You are different. You are just, perfect.

[…] And first of all, accept yourself just the way you are, with your good things and the bad ones, with your anxiety, obsessions, sleepless nights, fears, ghosts, compulsions, rituals and ways out. You are still a wonderful soul looking for your place, lost perhaps, needing an anchor to hold on to, but yet a little mess wanting to share the kind of love only you can offer, in all ways.[…]

[…]When it’s difficult for you to control compulsive thoughts or obsessive rituals, when you are sensitive in other ways. When you spend your nights awake and your days exhausted.[…]


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