“The Truth of Madness” by Tina McFarlane


You call me mad
Just because I see what you do not
Do you so fear the truth?
I can see you
See you for what you really are
And that terrifies you
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As a writer, I have a dual nature, and love both the light and the dark. They each bring out a different side of me. Writing gives me the chance to explore both.

Here, in this special place, you will find my darkness.

“Small Dark Matter” by Nicole Heinz

The stomach-turning pain

of my thoughts

is ever present

as I gulp down liquid courage

Sighing and drinking to the hour,

still not numb

Like a knife to my jugular,

I sense it on my doorstep

It’s waiting and weaving

a dark curse to chase me down


If it could be a color,

it’d be black

with a hole in the center

where no colors can exist

When it finally comes for me

that hole will suck me in until morning.


“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” Edgar Allan Poe

“LAS NEGRAS LÁPIDAS II” by Rodrigo E. Ordóñez

Con el pasmo ante los escombros:

          -¿Qué busco?

         -¿Quién me llama?

         El agua,

sólo el agua,

         nada más el agua

                       se abisma en mi rostro.

Caminante de sueños desterrados, poeta roto y fotógrafo ocasional de las ciudades derrumbadas…

DARK POETRY – “The Pact” by WrittenInGeek


I am the angel with tattered wings

The demon with a child’s smile


I own you

Bought for lies and wishes

Like charms on a chain

Around your neck


Which hangs like a noose


I whisper in your ear

Tell you that you are good

Lie to you and say

That you are special


You sit on your throne

Made of bones and blood

And on your head

A crown of angel feathers


Worship me

Hate me

Beg until your voice

Is raw with emotion


Worms will feed

On what’s left of your soul



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Heartbreaking, beautiful poem – “How do you” by Paul Zinder

How do you talk to an angel in any single moment.

How do you tell her how precious she is.

How do you defy all the odds and darkness against you.

How do you over come.

How do you tell in a moment of impossibilities, when you see her on a leaving train, on a plain, on a bus, far out reaching you want to but cant make the jump, time is not on your side, fate is falling out of reach and your burning inside, you feel that moment pumping how do you over come the odds and go for it.

How do you tell her she is beyond breath taking, an angle in the making. I want all the light to shine on her it was made to be.

She is a flower on a cold day, covered in darkness and snow. She is glamours , with her shimmering hair in that sun, and moon, her eyes dark and pure that I can see my soul when I look to them.

She and only she holds back the light, the dispare, and darkness, in the cruel , could, unforgiving, cold and calculating world. She is elegant like a princess, from days of lost lore.

She is radiant, electric, from all the star dust , she is surely made of. Her eyes, her smile , her sweet lips, those lips sweet pure and smooth, that seem to be crafted from a million rose peddles. She is timeless. A beauty for the ages. She lights up any room that she is in, a spark, a flame, that cant be tamed. How do I .
How do I tell her.
I want to tell her alls I can do is enjoy her light, and embrace her nature, and all of her happiness and sides that she resides in that make her.
How do I.
How do I tell her.
Shes more then the winds, she is my heart, full of pure bliss. She is soft kind, and a goddess in her own special way.
How do I thank her in my own way, I hope I just did and she feels it some how someway.


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