“FULL MOON SLAUGHTER 2. Altered Beasts” – The Interview. Part 3

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3.Why did you want to join this book?

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BOOK REVIEW – “Wolvz. Whispers of War” (Project 26) by Toneye Eyenot

This is a beautiful book. Bloody, visceral, gore… beautiful.

“Revenge” is the centre of the plot. An intelligent, organized and furious wolfkind plans their vengeance, after the outrages they have been suffering from, of course, humans.

Our hurt, betrayed and aching protagonist narrates the whole story from the filter of her pain for her recent loss.

“One by one, my claws penetrate the chest and then slowly, I drag down, opening the body up from neck to groin. It screams. Its final vision is of my gaping maw, descending to tear away its head from the struggling body.”

From the entrails of the wolf community, the reader joins the battle. Every fight, every race.  This book is a must for any werewolves lover.

“The humans had played their final hand, and we are now biting it off.”

Loyalty, hierarchy, fierceness and savagery. Every page of the book keeps you vigilant and Eyenot knows how to make you feel the hate, ache and fury from within.

That said, this story is beautifully written, you will read it in one go. This is one of those books that once you’ve read it, you want to open it often, and randomly read a couple pages to get that smile you need to compensate a bad day. It’s very worth getting the paperback, sure I will.

This piece cannot disappoint you in any way. For horror, thriller, animals, wolves lovers. A melodic slaughter, crimson honey for your mind. Just take this book, a hot coffee and …enjoy.

About the author

Toneye Eyenot writes tales of horror and dark fantasy which have appeared in numerous anthologies over the past two years.

He is the author of WOLVZ: WHISPERS OF WAR, a novella as part of J. Ellington Ashton’s Project 26, a clown/werewolf horror novella titled BLOOD MOON BIG TOP, released with JEA Press, plus the ongoing SACRED BLADE OF PROFANITY series with two books, THE SCARLETT CURSE and JOSHUA’S FOLLY, also published through J. Ellington Ashton Press and a third currently in the works.


Toneye lurks in the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia, with the myriad voices who tear the horrors from his mind and splatter them onto the page.

 Find him on:

I’m Mar.
Head of The Bold Mom.
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BOOK REVIEW Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by D.J. Swykert

This book is an historical-fiction novel. Sweet, tender, romantic.
Maggie Elizabeth is a thirteen years old little girl who deals with the struggles of a simple life with her father and her grandmother in a mining village at upper Michigan in late 1800’s.
The plot drags the reader to a teen romance. The first words you see are “My father drowns my kittens.” Wow.

You keep on reading. As I don’t want to reveal the story, I’ll just advance that this young couple sticks from average people around them, with the intention of protecting a little pack of wolf puppies in the mountain, away from the hunters.

Maggie is a complex character. Her father is obviously resentful to her, blaming her for the death of her wife. Emotionally abandoned, misunderstood, lonely and introverted, this sweet lady focuses her heart and kindness on saving those animals.

This book, in my opinion, develops the plot in two main aspects. The central story, which tells us about the kids’ adventure and the rocks on the way they find to accomplish their objective and, the inner, deep, sensorial and sensitive world in the mind of Maggie Elizabeth. I love how the author manages to stir together the obsession of protecting the animals and her personal storm, related to the destructive relation with her family.

“My father doesn’t say anything, but I am not surprised, he hardly ever
says anything. He just stands next to James Stetter, holding the lantern,
looking at me, but not saying anything. I am wondering if this is how the rest
of my life with him is going to be.”

As a reader, you cannot get to guess if she’s only looking for a way out to run away from her ghosts, guilt, resentment and hurt feelings or if her heart actually aches for equality. I can see the hard work of Swykert, trying to compose a complex character, tender, compassionate yet sharp and confident. Nothing can tear her up.

“As I comb my hair I look at myself in
the mirror. I look into my blue eyes to see what is in there, what’s inside me.
I really don’t see anything, and I think how silly this is, because I know I am
in there. I am alive; I am not empty.”

You can see this book as a kind of a slow story, “waiting” for something else to happen, or you can appreciate the delicate shades of the evolution of our kind Maggie and just, enjoy the beautiful descriptions and submerge on the incandescence of this special author’s writing.

I recommend this book to all those readers who don’t rush to finish a book. This is a piece to appreciate, discover, trace and let the emotions flow. Descriptions are abundant, fair, fresh and sometimes, visceral.

Swykert writing is pleasurable, easy to read and perfectly correct. I needed more time than other books, so you do not only stare at the thread but try to catch all the effort from the author, which is obvious and brilliant, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Different, unique, heartwarming and thrilling, this book creates a little special room in the mind of the reader. Congratulations.

Review written by Mar G.-Amorena


Contact the author

Twitter @davidswykert

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/david.swykert

Amazon D.J. Swykert

Website www.magicmasterminds.com/djswykert


I’m Mar.
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