BOOK REVIEW: A Tale of a Rough Diamond by P. J. Mann

A Tale of a Rough Diamond by P. J. Mann is a suspense novel which plot grows around revenge, crime, mafia, loyalty and rough love.

Stephen, our main character, is the unifying thread of the story. A kid led by events escaping from his will, drowning him in a maze of guilt, punishment and lies. Born under the wings of a wealthy family, he constantly finds himself in trouble until his life gets cut off by the law, or that’s what he thought….

He lacks the love of a caring mother and his father, helpless, it’s not a support anymore to him. When he’s falling down the cliff, he finds a person who will cover his affection needs and will give him the reassuring of love and paternity he never had.

“It’s my fault, Stephan,” he said aloud. “I should have known since the beginning. I should have done something to avoid all this mess. I’m so sorry, son.”

His worst enemy invests his life in destroying Stephan’s path, and the plot becomes a race against himself, ruin and death.

This book is, first of all, surprising. The characters have a strong and complicated personality which makes them be absolute in their decisions and actions. Due to that, the reader never knows what’s happening next. The rotten heart of a rich family throws our young boy to such a harsh reality, at first unbearable, at the end, where his heart finds peace… and a father.

“Never suppress the fear, because that will be the only thing that will keep you alive in here.”He looked deep into Stephan’s eyes.”

The author manages to cross all the stories perfectly. Mann builds up all personalities very complicated and they evolve along the novel, at such a level you never expect. They hate, love, punish and regret deeply, and their actions get terrible consequences.

Personally, I adored how Stephan finds release and peace in another man’s protection and guide, although he needs to learn how to respect his authority. “Stephan looked around as Joe grabbed him by his hair and pulled him back. “Let me go, Joe. Fuck!”he yelled. “Don’t step over me, fag boy,”Joe”

And how the boy brings redemption back to him.

If I had to describe the plot in one word I’d say “guilt”. Passionate love and devotion lead us to betray and senseless. It’s just, heart issues.

The broken rejection and love of a blindfold mother, jealously from a brother, ignorance of a father, friend’s loyalty, business empire, perdition. This story brings up how easily humans get corrupted, it only takes a bad decision at the right time. “I know the feeling, my boy. What you experienced was your first taste of power, and now you are already addicted to it.”

This book is soaked in hard lessons, money brings no happiness; love is love, no matter who it comes from; loyalty is everything. The evolution of these characters is deep and sensorial, something trembles in the heart of the reader. The development of the book keeps us awake and looking for more about their dark side and what their next move will be, and the end of the book is, perhaps, a tiny bit predictable, but not because of that less catching and addictive. You need to close the stories, to understand, to forgive them.

If you love suspense, crime and broken feelings, this is a good book to enjoy.

The grammar is really good, I just found a couple of errors, completely tolerated. I would have wanted more portions in the story, to have a breath more often but this is, absolutely, my personal opinion as a reader. This story is interesting, visceral, complicated, and as an author, I can see the work, effort, research and patience of Mann. I honestly recommend this book. It left me a warm feeling of broken hope. “If angels can fall, so can demons,”

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