Tea and fitness lover? Got a gift for you :)

Tea and fitness lover? Got a gift for you :)



I’ve been increasing my workout lately and I need a great post detox product. I always want to share with you what I find useful, so here’s what works better for me: TEAMI blends


They have plenty of options so you can choose the best for you: detox, skinny, focus, energy (that’s a great one).

They are awesome because they mix a lot of herbs and fruits specially thought for your objective.

They’re such an awesome help, have a try, you will love them.

And I have a little gift for you, tea lovers, because if you use the code MARG10 in your order, you have a 10% discount.

I really hope you have a go because I know you will adore it, even more if you are in fitness.

Have an amazing day!

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